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- different colored wisps mean different power-ups
- power-ups only last for a limited time
- yellow wisp = drill
- drill for burrowing underground or speeding through water
- green wisp = laser
- use laser to zip across the screen and destroy enemies
- 7 or 8 wisps in all
- carry 1 wisp at a time
- activate by flicking the Wiimote
- gauge at the bottom of the screen shows how much longer the power-up will last
- yellow wisp lasts about 10 seconds
- red wisp = fireball
- red wisp is only in the DS version
- red wisp allows you to boost in any direction, give access to new heights
- red wisp allows you to ignite a rocket platform
- unique boss battles in both versions
- Wii bosses do pop up in DS title
- tilt Nunchuk to drift around corners
- during the demo that Nintendo Power played, roughly 70% of the gameplay was 2.5d
- 3D perspective for speed portions, 2.5D perspective for more platforming-based action
- tons of hidden paths
- some hidden paths can only be accessed via use of certain wisps
- mysterious emblems are scatted about levels, with their purpose being unknown
- if drill power-up runs out while you're drilling underground, you'll die
- antennas will warp you to new sections of a level, if you have the laser wisp
- rocket wisp as well


I really want to hype this game but I'm scared of going back into the Sonic cycle...

Former something....

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I know it means powerups, but all the wisp stuff seems a little confusing right now. Can't wait to play this.

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

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Im interested, but I am not going to get my hopes up.

Wait, this sounds like a Sonic game with only the good parts? Something's wrong here.

I am cautiously pessimistic about this game.

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*crosses fingers*

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I was reading about this game in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, and I have to say this is looking really good so far. I'm interested in getting both the Wii and DS versions of this game.

Sounds cool, but Im a little dissapointed its only on the wii to be honest. I have yet to see anything motion controls add to a sonic game other than anoyance...

It has potential...

Nice now what's the gimmick in this game?  The power ups?
If so Sonic in 3-D with a _____ power up

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