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We need a sufficient amount of members. Rainbow Yoshi needs you!



Current Yoshi Tribe Members:                                                                                                                                                                                                     

God- Rainbow Yoshi

Deputy leader- guiduc

Primary Guardian- tehsage

Secondary Guardian- Imthelegend

Tertiary Guardian- Akvod

Warrior (Boshi)- SmokedHostage

Para-Warrior (Blue Yoshi)- Beuli2

Cartographer- miz1q2w3e

Patrol Officer- O-D-C

Artist- vonboysp**

Collector- Vectorferret

Shaman- Games4Fun

Spy- lestatdark**

Media presenter- pariz

Messenger- mysticwolf

Blacksmith- theRepublic


Cobbler- Myak-04

Prison Warden- killeryoshis

Chef- DixieKong

Bounty-hunter- makingmusic476

Doctor of medicine- darthdevidem01

Teacher-manuel (currently a Head Master-UK name)

Astronomer- MasterZack


Traitor- supermario128 (currently held in prison)

*(stars run from 1-5)Denotes notable members


Current population: 26

morenoingrato was previously a member but forced (by me) to leave the tribe. He is currently a pseudo Yoshi.

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Yoshi FTW! Flutter Jump is so cute! I love to see him shake his little feet!

I'm game~

Im in. Hes the only one I play in Mario Kart Wii.



YoshixLightning FTW

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I'd join if I could be the Boshi of the Club.

Pixel Art can be fun.

I'm in, i love Yoshi! especially in SMG2 :D

I want to be the Blue Fliying Yoshi from Mario world. Also, Link and any other Nintendo character is overrated. Yoshi rules them all.

Above: still the best game of the year.

I like Yoshi, but I like Kirby more!

Ill be the little yoshi from Thousand Year Door, I called em Broshi