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While corresponding with a friend in here I realised that I have a large collection of games which I bought but never played:

Fallout 3, White Knight Chronicles, FF13, Golden Axe, Heavy Rain, Trine, Eye of Judgement, Raise of the,

Argonauts,Dragon Age Origins, Call of Juarez, Overlord 2

I overestimated the time I'd have to play or some games like Demon Souls or recently Lost Planet 2 got me addicted

and I just don’t wanna play anything else. Most of the above a great games but they have to wait.

Do you have such a collection?

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At the moment the only games I purchased and never played are Star Ocean (360) and Infinite Undiscovery (360).

Now if you ask for unfinished my list will really grow.

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Yes. Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3 and 4. Yakuza 1, 2 and 3. Grand Theft Auto 4. Onimusha 1, 2, 3 and Dawn Of Dreams. WKC, Way Of The Samurai 3 and so many more!! rsrs

i buy a lot of games, but i have not that much time and i love rpgs which demand a lot of time.
i guess that i really have like 40 games which i never played and around 20 which i have played for one hour or something just to try, but never got back.

games are on all systems (and even last gen systems).... too bad if you think about it, but i keep buying games when they are cheap

I never have bought a game and never, played it but there are some games I left unfinished like:
-F-zero GX
-Rouge Squadron 2: Rouge Leader
-Super Paper Mario
There were also others but I sold them.

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thanks to steam sales by back log is getting bigger with no hope of catching up in site

I dont know i've lost count...

I'm a sucker for the cheap deals GAME and Gamestation do on preowned so I know I have atleast 20 PS2 game 10 PS3 games and over 20 360 games unplayed and still has the purcahuse seal on them.

there's also a stack of unopened DS, wii and gamecube games in a cupboard somewhere... I really need to stop impulse buying

I also has the maw and Shadow complex I got off XBLA that I haven't even run yet also with most of the games on this list


but when a game cost less than small pizza of course i'm gonna impulse buy it ^_^

yes, I have 5 to 10 games I've never played... There are 2 or 3 among them I'll play some day, the others are just there to decorate my house

The games in my sig plus about four others. I have only five games that I've never finished so that's a good thing.

I bang out a lot of games between the the end of the NBA season and the beginning of NCAA, NFL seasons.

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