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Pineapple said:
Khuutra said:
It's a well-written review, the content (not the score) of which actually gets me pumped for the game. That's more than I've come to expect out of IGN.

Actually, that doesn't surprise me. IGN nearly always does that part brilliantly; they make you want the game.

IGN isn't going to give you an objective view of the quality of the game, but they're going to make you pretty damn interest in buying that game. That's also one of the reasons they're hated.  They make so many games sound ever so brilliant, and that generally upsets people owning other consoles.

If you're not sure about wanting a game, and you read the IGN review, chances are you'll want it afterwards.

I suppose you make a good point, Pineapple. Woe is me, for falling for their trickery once more!

Still want that game though.

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Wow, IGN giving a game a 10 is something u rarely see.

I kinda wonder what Metroid: Other M and Zelda will get when they come out.


The 10/10 is really surprising, seriously, I was so shocked

Better than the first one!

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Oh my gosh.

I was not expecting buying it day one but right now, I would feel really stupid not to.

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never thought the game would top the 1st, nintendo surprised me again.

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

Wait what... a 10? A TEN? IGN actually gave a Wii game a 10/10?!

Good God.

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10 damn, SMG is my favorite game this gen and SMG2 seems to have addressed all the minor flaws SMG had, i want to play it now.

lol at IGN comments

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Not bashing the game or anything as i´m sure its a great game but don´t u think its a bit strange they gave the game a perfect 10 on everything. Has this actually happened before?


very nice