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Lets be honest here. Sony has not made a profit on the PS3 ever since it launched. Even with big hitters like God of War 3 PS3 still didnt profit. Is there a chance that sony might not make a console for the next generation and just make software like Sega did.

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The 10 year lifespan and the fact that they've been successful two times beforehand makes me believe that a PS4 will still happen. If Nintendo stopped at Gamecube, they would not have the success of the Wii. Sega stopped after two unsuccessful systems, I would follow that track record and say if the PS4 isn't successful as well, then they will quit. Trial and error in my opinion, PS4 will be great!

what are you kidding? did Nintendo stopped making consoles after Gamecube or N64? did MS stopped making consoles after XBOX?

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No even after big losses they own way too much market share to give up.




so do you guys sony will actually profit with the PS3 thi year?

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its 2 strikes and your out in the gaming biz. If sony does poorly with the next one they're gone. I also EXTREMELY doubt the ps3 will be around as long as the ps2 for 2 reasons: technology is way better than it was then so its easier to whip out a new one and second, the ps2 was extremely successful, the ps3 was a flop.

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iWarMachine said:
what are you kidding? did Nintendo stopped making consoles after Gamecube or N64? did MS stopped making consoles after XBOX?


Gamecube profitted guys... it's not like it lost 7plus billions...

There's a possibility... but it's not probable. There'll be a PS4... just not with this name. It'll be Sony's Wii, a different name, a different image.

Unless Sony implodes you will definitely see another playstation next gen.

People get too caught up at looking at Sony computer entertainment separately instead of Sony as a whole. Sony sacrificed the initial PS3 profits in order to bring in Blu-Ray. Sony makes decisions which they base on long term effects and so while they are taking a bit of a hit now they are already projecting that they will be profitable next year.

Keep in mind also that the world is still in an economic crisis and also that Sony is restructuring.
My point is that there are a number of factors which explain the current situation and that the outlook for Sony is much better than a lot of people here realise.



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