Monster Hunter Debuts at #5 in UK

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According to this site. 


Pretty good for a Friday launch, let's see if it can maintain or beat it with a full week this week.

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I'm happy for MH3.
Really, Splinter Cell: Conviction #1.


Just in UK it sold about what MHFU did in whole Others, very good. And just in two days! I hope for a 60k+ debut in Others after seeing this numbers. And next week 40-50k is not impossible considering 5 days of the first week...over 100k in two weeks would be very good in the weakest territory for Wii games, looking for well over 300-400k.

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I think positive word of mouth can/will be a really big factor with this game, given the strong online multiplayer component involved.


Congats to the game that i want and cant find in my counrtry....

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I'm going to order this game from UK next week, hopefully they will still have the Ultimate Hunter Pack (w/ Classic controller and Wii speak) for 50 pounds.

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It should be mentioned that it did this with just two days of sales. Man i hope this game does well. Its so awesome

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that has to be an achievement if its beating New Super Mario bros wii

I wonder what the numbers were, and what the full numbers for europe are going to be period when its all said and done? I know it had some damn good advertisement in the US, I wonder how it was in Europe?

I've heard that It had 72k preorders in US at least 85% of those had to pick it up this week. the game is amazing tho.