Why are ps3 exclusives sellig so badly compared to xbox360?

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I think it really comes down to PS3 owners having a wider range of demographics buying the console and therefore buying different types of games.

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enrageorange said:
halo 3 is the flagship title of the xbox 360. Gears of War was the first great exclusive of the 360 and has thus become very popular, just like MGS4 sold very well since it was the first great exclusive on the ps3. PS3 lost exclusivity on one of its flagship titles GTA, and hasn't had any others although a lot of people think GT5 will be it and they're probably right.

I never knew gta was ps3 exclusive? How come there have been gta games on the original xbox if it was exclusive?

btw why did gta4 become multiplat?

1. Microsoft got their big game out much sooner which skews the top end of the graphic considerably. If Sony hadn't arsed around and released GT5 last year or something it would have looked different at the top.

2. Microsoft played a better game before the generation even started and secured one of the biggest new I.P releases and got it within the first year after release I.E. a little luck and a little preparation.

Otherwise the sales look fairly standard below that level as per number of releases etc vs number of million sellers. Theres no point in looking at the top level of sales, the median/mean numbers are far more interesting and you want to avoid obsessing over the above outliers because they are deceptive and statistically unreliable.


360 is a fad where as ps3 is a hardcore gaming machine.
360 are bought for kids buy parents and family members who have more expendable incomes.
360 blockbusters like halo and modern warfare, adults recognize those names so they buy them for their kids. Multiplatform games sell almost the same if you consider the userbase disparity.
I have 4 ps3's and over 40 games so I dunno, the ps3 still has this "air" of being much more expensive, that's the real reason.

when alot of those games came out the install base for the ps3 was a lot lower, but also a large majority of ps3 owners arent consumed by fps s. If you look at games like tekken 6 they sold more copies on the ps3 despite a smaller install base. Still i think that uncharted 2 has the potential to reach 4.5 million sales, still less than those other games. Also halo already had a huge fan base from halo ce and halo 2 on the original xbox, where as all the ps3 games listed except for kz2 we new ip s launched on the ps3 and kz1 sucked.

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wtf? You forgot MGS4, which si pretty much Sony's own "Halo 3", their flagship. And then we still have God ofWar 3, which was just recently released. Gears of War 1 and 2 are out how long now?

I think the most important reason is still the huge 360 fanbase in NA, where the majority of games are sold.

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bet with Mordred11 that Rage will look better on Xbox 360.

splinter cell use to be multiplatform , just cause it was once doesnt mean it is forever

360 has higher attach rate

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ol Patience... 360 just started out with a much bigger fanbase because of its year lead.. Things will majorly change as time continues.

Its a shame though for now because the quality of the ps3 exclusives are just on a whole different level then 360's and do deserve many more sales.

Both God of war 3 and heavy rain will outsell mass effect 2.

“Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50 percent of PlayStation 3’s power at this point,” said Asmussen about God of War 3.


d21lewis said:
360 has higher attach rate

Im attached to you. Is that because of the 360?