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What? Who quoted me?



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MontanaHatchet said:
What? Who quoted me?

Haha, sorry Montana. Quoted you but deleted the quote box before I posted. I was going to agree with you but figured it was implied.

mrstickball said:
leo-j said:
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leo-j said:

What I find pathetic is how people generally develope an expectation just because X artist is popular, out of the blue 90% of the posters here around a year ago said "She can't sing, She's manufactured, She doesn't write music" because she is a pop artist..

You don't realize it because you don't follow pop music as hard as I do.. Before lady gaga, you were right to categorize all pop musicans as manufactured/not being able to sing/not writing there music. She has made the entire pop industry work 10 times harder than they used to. They have all stepped up there game to keep up with this women. You have majore fucking bands and artists like DAUGHTRY, PARAMOORE, 30 SECOUNDS TO MARS, GREEN DAY, and more pay tribute to this women, it's not that I like her, it's the fact she has clearly had impact on music. I'm not even joking here, you guys may not even notice it because you guys don't care, but I honestly have noticed, before her DANCE/TECHNO/POP music did not exist on mainstream radio, all of a sudden christina aguilera changes her entire fucking look and sound, a year after lady gaga's "take over" year. Usher is doing techno, T Pain is doing techno, DR DRE is doing techno, AKON himself has said she has flipped a switch and changed things.

If oyu listen to mainstream music, you can't deny her appearence has caused a huge shift.. and there is a reason, she has fucking talent.

Leo-J. I'm not here to talk about Lady Gaga. Whatever. 

But this whole paragraph you just typed? I have never heard somebody sound so confident of their knowledge of music while actually being so massively ignorant. I'm not trying to bash you, but you literally have no idea what you're talking about. 

I'm an English/Music major. I've taken tons of music history, theory, etc classes. I read several music magaxines a month. Go to pitchfork and a few other websites every day. Listen to music reaching back decades and decades.

And I still don't think I know that much compared to some people. I try to be humble and admit that there are people who know far, far more than me, simply because they've been around longer and seen more.

This is why people get annoyed with your gushing love for Gaga. Your proclaim her to be all the things that she really isn't, and it's mainly because you're viewing her through the extremely limited scope of a teenaged boy. Grow up, gain some perspective, learn more music history, then we'll see how innovative and groundbreaking you think Lady Gaga is. 

She's a lot of things. A lot of good things. But innovative and groundbreaking are certainly not among them. Nor did she bring dance/"techno" mainstream (not techno by the way, but whatever). I mean, hell. Kanye had 808 and Heartbreaks, a pure-electro album, out before Gaga. And that's just one of tons of examples. 

She's a pop star. Pop stars are by definition cyclical: there's nothing about her that hasn't been done before, and better. She's a regurgitated amalgam of other genres and past trends.  

Oh please don't even fucking go with me right there, I am not basing it off my own opinion my friend I am basing it off trends. As you base your opnion off the MALE STRATUM and automatically label her as a piece of crap because she is a pop artist. I admit she isn't COMPLETELY DIFFERENT considering the fact she takes her inspirations from GRACE JONES, AND DAVID BOWIE, but to say she isn't doing anything and just recycling everything from the past is pure ignorance.




She WAS REJECTED BY POP you guys just HATE her. She said it in an interview, if she was a male doing heavy metal, all of you would be nuts and call her a rockstar. There is a reason every pop artist today is IMITATING HER.

A rockstar doesn't equal talent, either. Chad Kroger is one of the more popular rock musicians out there, but that doesn't make him talented at all.

Here are some great lines by Lady Gaga:

  • 'I want to take a ride on your disco stick'
  • 'Oh, oh oh, I'll get him hot, show him what I've got'
  • 'Whats going on the floor? I love this song but I can't see straight anymore'

Yeah, real poetry going on there :-

I don't care if she was rejected by pop. She is still in that group of massively processed musicians that require hundreds of people to support her album. That isn't an artist, thats a marketing tool. I wonder, Leo-J - do you play any instruments at all? Study music history?

I respect plenty of female musicians. I like Lady GaGa in some ways - she creates very catchy hooks. However, I prefer my music to be a little more cerebral than a good hook, since her lyrics are mostly trash.

I gave you the Orianthi video. Look at who she is playing with, and keeping well up with. Do you know who Steve Vai is? How often do you see GaGa co-composing with the technical greats of the piano? Of vocalists with incredible range?

All Gaga is giving to the industry is crazy fashion. 30 years from now, we won't remember GaGa. We'll remember Aretha Franklin, Joan Jett (who is getting a lot of recognition these days - proof she has been a great musician), Huston, Madonna, and such, but we sure as heck won't remember GaGa very well.


The horror of her fashion will be burned into our retinas forever more