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i know 3 of them and thats it lol

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Barozi said:
BMaker11 said:
That damned P....

If you need another small tip:

Metascore above 75

Sales below 500k


This was my last post regarding that P...

figured it out now. I had all of them except that one. I better get my shirt now lol

Aw, here I thought it was going to be where you post two near identical sales numbers and charts... and one of them turns out to be a game EVERYONES heard of, and the other a small budget game.

Sent my entry; I'll be waiting....

I know all of them the P is easy lol..

Former something....

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Blacksaber said:
I know all of them the P is easy lol..

Yea, I think I got the P down. Everything else was cake.

But it is scary that I know all the boxarts like that.

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That P gave me a lot of trouble. On the image it says 'Level 1: Easy'. Does that mean there will be more contests?

Man the P is easy, but at first i tought it was the PS3/360 version ...



The only one I struggled on was the N.... and that's off one of my fave games, lol. Maybe it's because I spend more time playing it and not checking out the box art? :p

P is really easy.

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