Mass Effect 3 Confirmed to stay with Unreal Engine 3!

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"The next installment of the Mass Effect trilogy will be powered by Unreal Engine 3, Epic vice-president Mark Rein has said.

The popular Unreal Engine 3 has built up a sizable base of licensing support since its 2006 release. The engine stands apart from its predessesors by way of numerous capability advances, including renderer support covering several complex techniques like HDRR, per-pixel lighting and dynamic shadows.

After using it for the first two Mass Effect titles, UE3’s impressive tech has convinced Canadian studio BioWare to use it as a base for the upcoming Mass Effect 3."

Considering Mass Effect 2 had praise from reviewers like IGN " Visuals areahead of the competition " Heres hoping Epic do some more updating of the engine to stay in touch with Behemoth Alan Wake and technically impressive Halo Reach.



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Would be nice if they re-used some of the assets from ME1 & 2 to provide ME3 with an insane amount of content.

Could you imagine if the following locations were available in addition to a whole new world in ME3?

Citadel - Wards & Presidium

Would be massive!

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

No surprise there. Mass Effect 2 looked amazing so I'm happy with it.

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They would have been mad to change the engine, better that they concentrate on the game content.

Would have been silly to change the engine. But in a way maybe it would have been great. You are probably most excited about the talk of Mass Effect 3 being in development :P

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which to me means.......


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By the time its released UE3 will be more along the lines of 3.5 given the huge modifications it will have received. Seems a good idea to stick to what you know, the visuals are more than good enough too.

I don't see how someone can even fathom to spin "A third sequel will use the same engine as the original game" into something positive.

mirgro said:
I don't see how someone can even fathom to spin "A third sequel will use the same engine as the original game" into something positive.

Do you have any actual idea what UE3 is and the difference transitions its gone through from Gears Of War 1 till Mass Effect 2.  I guess when Uncharted 3 is released using the same engine as used in the first 2 you will be saying its terrible?  You sound pretty ignorant upon the subject of game engines is you do not understand they evolve over time.

By the way, there is no plans for a UE4 until the next generation.

Wasn't it last week the Unreal Engine that held the 360 back?

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