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I know what your thinking "Ohh what a stupid question to ask on a gaming website", but hear me out. I stumbled upon a thread a couple of weeks back, were the poster said after going to a Mid-night game launch he realised that he was a "Closet gamer", this really got me thinking about how some people are ashamed of the "sterotypes" that are often thrust upon gamers. Admit it we've all at one time or another been insulted for being a "gamer"; whether its been being called a "Nerd" or having someone shout "Get a life" at you, us gamers have had or fair share of insults tossed our way.

Recently I was talking to a girl I know on IM and she asked me what I was doing I told her I was on Ebay looking at this really cool "God Of War" hoodie; of course she saw that as "un-normal" & insulted me by calling be "SAD". Yes she did it in CAPS!!!

So I've decided to make a thread and see how you felt about all this. Are you a proud gamer? or Are you a "Closet" gamer?

How do you all feel about the "sterotypes" that gamers get?

Me I'm a Proud gamer, people can say what they want there is no way in hell I'm going to stop being a gamer. I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, I will speak fondly about games, I will stick up for gamers world-wide even though I know there is people who take gaming to seriously but hey they are en-titled to be as passionate about gaming as they want, hell some of the fondest memories I have had in my 17yrs on this planet have re-volved around games.

Whats your thoughts?


Ohh & for the people who say "Games aren't art"...Fuck YOU!!! 




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What do you think of the lady in this vid ?

Most people have no idea about video games so they think gamers are bad...

Around some girls, yes.Some of them likes Guitar Heros etc but they never understand why I play games like CSS and Dota...Or some great games like Mgs etc.



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there is no shame in being a gamer any more (so why would there be pride btw ?) as long as you don't spend too much time into it

oh, and as for games being art, lol, it's part of the creative industry but that's about it

to say you the full truth :

I M VERY ashamed to be a gamer
I close to never talk about it and save those discussion for the "gamer/nerd" crowd

I also consider gaming as a "poor" lobby because obviously it is
1/ too much repetitive
2/ too much investissement (to complete a game)
3/ too much time
4/ quite immature in general

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Proud gamer, I think. Sometimes I'll tone it down the time I say I spend on gaming because it seems excessive (just like everything can), but I'm to stand by my favorite hobby none the less

Nope, games are awesome so there's nothing to be ashamed of imo.

I'm not ashamed, I enjoy playing video games and that is all that matters. I get weird looks all the time, or so I've been told, because I always carry my pokewalker around. As for the stereotypes, they don't bother me because they don't define me

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Hell no! Games kick ass and I have a hot girlfriend that plays games too, she owns a wii,dsi and a ps3.

GodOfWar_3ever said:

What do you think of the lady in this vid ?

Most people have no idea about video games so they think gamers are bad...

I really don't like that lady, you've got to feel sorry for Tim! He is there making valid points & his opinions are just getting thrown aside. There is no-winning with someone like that, the whole auidence was against him aswell.