How long did it take you to beat GoW3? (No Spoilers)

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8 hours and 53min on normal i gave it a 9.7

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Just finished Chaos. 26 hours ^^ Oh, and funny thing: Under Animation in the credits it said Sonny Santa Monica. Is this a typo? lol

libellule said:
akuseru said:
11 hours on Titan, short of 2 full health upgrades and item upgrades and 1 short of magic upgrades. So I was pretty "gimped", if that's the right word.

so far

25 hours on Chaos, full health and everything. Some of these battles are just horrible. I am on last boss anyways though, so i'd say max 26 hours ^^

wow, hardcore !

haha, ye ^^ I hate some of the fights though, like the Ceberus one. I fell asleep in game though, so subtract about 8 hours from the playtime ^^

10 hours on normal, although I didn't quite get to upgrade everything. Was about 8k short i believe.

10 hours & half


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i think mines broken because it tells me that my play time was only 5 hours 49 minutes on hard... :$

On normal it took me 8 to 9 hours to beat it.

a little over 10 hours on Normal, but I guess subtract about an hour from that because I left it on sometimes to do other things.

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WarmachineX said:
11 hours average? Seems like a game that should be rented, which I might consider if I ever got a ps3.

I suggest you don't get it.


It's not for you.

9.34 and loved every minute of it