If KH3 and FFvXIII were to release on the same day, which would you pick?

Forums - Sony Discussion - If KH3 and FFvXIII were to release on the same day, which would you pick?

Versus and KH3 the next day :D

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Never got into KH, so Versus it is.


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Yeah, so let's chose out of 2 games, neither of which we know anything about. Who says that KH 3 isn't actually an FPS?

Versus. Not much of a choice for me.

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No doubt, FFv13. Main reason I bought PS3 is FF series.

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so its kingdom hearts versus (versus) XIII :p

i choose you... Kingdom heart 3... or wait versus XIII? this is a difficult question.

depends if squall/leon plays a role in kh3 if so then i choose kh3 if not versus XIII ;)

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I would get Versus. Kingdom Hearts 3, regardless of story, will be way too kiddie for taste. I had to take a month break from KH2 because of how kiddie it was. It's like watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney. Ag-o-ny.

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hard to say, cuz i dont know how epic KH3 will be. but well, from Names, FFvXIII.

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