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The magazine is Maxi Consolas and it's Portuguese. Key features of the article: *There will be a 2 player mode (it isn’t specific) *Special online functions *It’s an exclusive to Wii *The game will be officially anounced in beginning of April *Nights is the primary character and he has a set of new abilities *Other character details will be revealed in the coming months Source & Screenshots

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Looks good so far.

I really REALLY hope Sega doesn't screw this one up. There are several Sega franchises I'd like to see again. That said, I'm quite hesitant to wish for remakes and/or sequels to Sega games because of their recent track record. AM2 is the only division of Sega left that still makes top notch games.

Nights is the kind of game you have to see in motion to appreciate how much you'll enjoy it, not to mention Wii commercials now have to show the player playing too, just to get an idea of what the motion controls are like.

I pray for a Skies of Arcadia II myself. :)

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it looks pretty and colorful

Interesting. I never played the original but looks like a very pretty, colorful game.

Now that NiGHTS appears to be real, I have four words for Sega: "Don't f&^% it up!"

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Sweet, it does look nice! I wonder if Sega have any more surprises in store for the Wii... Shenmue?? (sp?)

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vanguardian1 said: I pray for a Skies of Arcadia II myself. :)
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