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< WoodenPints posted something on Veknoid_Outcast's wall:

Noticed in the Wii U game collection thread you said your going to be adding Breath of the Wild to that collection, You not grabbing the Switch at launch then?

I'm definitely getting Switch at launch, but I think I'll pick up BotW on WiiU too. I always regretted not getting Twilight Princess for GCN when it came out. I don't want to repeat that :-P

I think what I'll do is get the game on WiiU and lend it to my friend, who's a big Zelda fan. That way it's not just sitting there, collecting dust.

What about you? What are your plans?

on 13 February 2017

Providing free Zelda to your friends :) Very Nice of you :D

I don't plan on grabbing anymore Wii U games myself but I got the Switch pre-ordered along with Breath of the Wild Special Edition (Need that statue) :) and Bomberman, Should last me the majority of March at least before I even need to start looking for more games,

I'm still working on a Zelda marathon that hasn't got very far through yet so will keep my Wii U hooked up mainly for that and to finally finish XCX hopefully Virtual consoles pre Wii will be on Switch fairly soon after release so I can carry on there instead.

on 13 February 2017

< BraLoD posted something on Veknoid_Outcast's wall:

I really like that cover, tho your TLG avy was better xD

Oh yeah that was a cool image. Trico is the best :)

on 10 February 2017

< Wright posted something on Veknoid_Outcast's wall:

Time for a new Zelda-related avatar don't you think?

But this is my trademark!

on 08 February 2017

I thought your trademark was being a good guy in an ocean of hostileness!

on 08 February 2017

Aww, you're gonna make me blush :D

on 08 February 2017

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Veknoid_Outcast's wall:

You got Dying Light? How you liking it?

I love the freedom of it and all the exploration and crafting. The story and characters are kinda weak though :-/

How do you like it?

on 01 February 2017

Loved it! If you can I'd highly recommend doing some co-op with a friend. Running around together at night is tonnes of fun.

And yeah, the story and characters are pretty forgettable, good thing the gameplay makes up for that though ;)

on 01 February 2017

< CGI-Quality posted something on Veknoid_Outcast's wall:

How are ya, buddy? Hope our recent disagreements haven't affected anything. Still one of my favorite users here!

Not at all! You're one of my favorite people to debate. You always bring your A game :-)

on 31 January 2017

Awesome! Glad to hear! Still truckin' along with this moddin' thing! It's a big job, but I do really enjoy it!

on 31 January 2017

The community appreciates it! I know you guys don't get thanked a lot for the time and energy you put into the job, so consider this a big thank you!

on 31 January 2017

That means a lot coming from a previous mod.

on 31 January 2017

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Resident Evil 4 or The Last of Us?

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Resident Evil 4 for me. It's in my top five all time. It's a masterpiece. The level and boss design, the pacing and atmosphere, the mix of exploration and visceral action, the variety of enemy encounters and set's just a near perfect game. The Last of Us is great too, but it takes a while to get going. The first part of the game is so focused on world building and stage setting it...

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Phil Spencer: this is Xbox's best generation so far

in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago

CGI-Quality said: KLXVER said: The 360 is the best console from MS by so far its not even funny. Indeed. I'd even put the original Xbox above the One. Plenty of exclusive games and the best machine for multiplatform games.  Agreed. XOne is probably the weakest of the three....

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Why It's Morally Okay To Pirate All Of Nintendo's Games (The Jimquisition)

in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago

Nintendo's draconian policy on fair use is bullshit, that's for sure, although "Let's Plays" fall outside fair use. Those aren't creating an entirely new product using small portions of copyrighted content. They're just broadcasting a game in toto. I'm sure Jim is just using the idea of piracy to prove a point, as piracy in all its forms is inexcusable....


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