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    < VGPolyglot posted something on Farsala's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    And Merry Christmas to you as well.

    on 24 December 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Farsala's wall:

    Making your top 50 list this year?

    Yeah, it will be hard to place Nioh though. Recency bias in all versus nostalgia bias.

    on 03 November 2017

    It actually was. Nioh landed very high on my list, regardless, tho.
    Anyway, World 3 ahead of World 1 this right, ok? XD

    on 03 November 2017

    This year I switch a lot of stuff both high and low, specially low, my list changed quite a lot, tried to stop it from being basically full PS lol.

    on 03 November 2017

    World 3 doesn't get a spot in my top 50, I only beat it a few times! :P Honestly it has just been too long since I played it, if the year was 2005 it would for sure be in my head as a top contender, which is probably the last time I played it. I left my PS2 at home and all my PS1 games are scattered all over in storage, in fact I had to rebuy a new copy of World 1, because I couldn't find it and would probably have to do the same with World 3.

    My top games are PC and PS, my mid tier is Nintendo and PS, and my bottom are PS.

    on 03 November 2017

    World 3 is so freaking high on my top list, lol, Wolrd 1 is the one to not come XP (though I have a rule of one game per franchise per system to keep it cleaner, so it wouldn't rank by defaul, like FFVII because of FFIX, for example)
    Played it last time 2 years ago, still as good as always, damn that thing is fun.

    My list has just two PC games right now, but I'm really thinking about opening a third spot for it.

    on 03 November 2017

    Yeah I am probably going to lower quite a few games due to me forgetting about quite a few franchises that I loved but simply forgot about like Kingdom Hearts, and make room for new stuff like Nioh.

    on 03 November 2017

    My list just got 7 PS4 games, it had none (got my PS4 December last year, afterall xP), so I had to open quite a lot of room for it, XD

    on 03 November 2017

    < Farsala updated his status:

    DQH2 plat taking much longer then DQH. Ridiculous amount of monotonous grinding, and yet I still enjoy it.

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Farsala's wall:

    Tu as un compte Discord ? Il faut que je pratiques le français, et je veux le faire avec toi

    "Il faut que je pratique* " :P

    Je n'ai pas le Discord, parce que je suis paresseux.

    on 27 August 2017

    Alors on peut voir bien sûr avec ma faute d'orthographe qu'il est évidemment nécessaire que je le fasse ! Et si tu ne veut pas y parler, on peut le faire ici.

    on 27 August 2017

    Les accents sont très malmenés. Est-ce la même chose pour toi? Par exemple je vois " sûr" et "é".

    on 27 August 2017

    Quoi, les accents ne fonctionnent pas ici? Voyons voir: éàùêèç

    on 31 August 2017

    Pas un qui fonctionne, merde!

    on 31 August 2017

    C'est horrible, n'est-ce pas?

    on 31 August 2017

    C'est plutot enmerdant, en effet

    on 31 August 2017

    Apres le premier post, ils ne fonctionnent pas. Vous pouvez voir que j'ai pu utiliser le mot francais avec le cedille, mais apres ca le site ne peut pas les comprendre, et je ne comprends pas pourquoi.

    on 31 August 2017

    La raison est l'encodage, le site est probablement encodé en ASCII ou ASCII étendu au lieu de l'Unicode (UTF-8), qui réunit tous les charactères de l'alphabète, inclus les accents et les umlaut et le béta allemands

    on 31 August 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Farsala's wall:

    Doing well?

    Great, started classes again. But hard to transition to having responsibilities every weekday again.

    on 26 August 2017

    And you?

    on 26 August 2017

    Which classes?
    I'm fine, thanks!

    on 26 August 2017

    All French, mostly literature classes. In my final year so reading 20 pages a day in french is commonplace. Hopefully it makes me better soon, although reading isn't that big of a problem.

    on 26 August 2017

    Wait, are you french? Or are you learning it?
    If you are french your english is pretty good.

    on 27 August 2017

    No I am learning French. I am native english speaker, but I do get lazy all the time.

    on 27 August 2017

    Oh I see, lol.

    on 27 August 2017

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    The NFL Thread 2017: Divisional Playoffs - Eagles defense prevails, Patriots take care of high school football team, Jaguars upset Steelers, Saints give game away

    in Sports Discussion 21 hours ago

    Does he call all the plays? If so his playcalling is definitely questionable, but that's why I like the Steelers so much. They aren't afraid of Hail Mary plays, even if it has a low chance of succeeding they give it their all to win. Imo the defense coach needs an upgrade after that game for both JAX and PIT....

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    Is Rey from Star Wars a Mary Sue?

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    Goodnightmoon said: Aeolus451 said: I would bet a million dollars that he doesn't know what a Mary Sue even is or what sexist means cosidering how he's using the terms. Mary Sue: An excessively idealized woman character with no notable defects that gets all the attention of the story and is usually overpowered or more skilled than the rest of the characters, usually is an...

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    [VOTE] VgChartz Top 50 Video Game Soundtracks

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

    1. FFVIII 2. Dynasty Warriors 3 3. Persona 5 4. Disgaea 5. Kingdom Hearts 6. Infamous 2 7. Dynasty Tactics 2 8. Command and Conquer Red Alert 9. Spyro Year of the Dragon 10. Super Mario World FYI: FFVIII, FFX, FFXII, would take up quite a bit and then some more DW franchise games. I also could have used Samurai Warriors or other variants, but it felt too much hah....


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