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    World of Warcraft Loses 800,000 Subscribers, What Does This Mean for the MMO Giant?

    in PC Discussion on 09 May 2017 by JokerJester

    Just for the thought, For me too, I've never known that this game is still operating, I don't know if our region got banned or what, but as I remember it was broadcasted to stop...

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    Mafia Round 70 - Smash Brothers - Wahahaha! Wario Wins! (And Mafia Too I Guess...)

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 November 2014 by impertinence

    Conegamer said: Stefl1504 said:I thought someone is planning to host next round? I am, hopefully. Will probably put the signup thread up tomorrow and (hopefully) start the game proper on the weekend. ...

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    Mafia Round 70 - Smash Brothers Signups

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 October 2014 by Yoshiya

    Stefl1504 said:1.) I guessed I missed it 2.) not even sure I should... oh well, I guess if there is still a slot free I'd join... Yea, you've missed it unfortunately :/ Game's already begun, you could get added to the replacement list but there is already two people on there too...

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    Starcraft Mafia - Game Thread - Concluded

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 September 2014 by padib

    Smeags said: Time to reveal my role... I am Erin's magical pet sheep: Bhaltair. Anyways, all credit goes to Words of Wisdom, as he was the sole creator of the flavor, set up, and analysis. I was just there to tally votes and gain a unique perspective of watching you all fall over one another. :-P But yeah, WoW made a pretty incredible twist to the game and it was a blast to watch. I...

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    Mafia Sign Up Thread - Starcraft Theme

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2014 by Words Of Wisdom

    HylianSwordsman said:Starcraft isn't my thing, but having read the special rules for this game, I like the sound of it! I wish I'd just signed up to begin with. Put me on the end of the replacement list, please. I'll probably just be a spectator all game, but oh well, this should be cool to watch. If I'm not mistaken, that makes the replacement list: Replacement list 1. XanderXT 2....

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    Fire Emblem Mafia - Game Thread - Concluded

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 September 2014 by HylianSwordsman

    outlawauron said: I think this is where our play completely differs. You assume everyone is guilty until they prove to you otherwise, whereas I don't want to believe someone is scum until I'm convinced. When I defended you first day, I meant it. Call me stupid, but I took the sign-up thread as being truthful and literal, so I thought there was another mafia, at least for the first...

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    Compile Heart's second Galapagos JRPG "Omega Quintet" delayed to October 2nd

    in Sony Discussion on 25 August 2014 by Kresnik

    Updated OP with new trailer + news of the delay. Well, I still want this! Here's some more gameplay footage: http://gematsu.com/2014/08/12-minutes-screen-omega-quintet-gameplay...

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    Message system error

    in Website Topics on 19 August 2014 by Words Of Wisdom

    NiKKoM said: Message system? How long were you away from this site? Most of us stepped away from that and are using the new super hyper advance system that this site offers: That does seem to be an improvement over this thing....

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    Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 August 2014 by Words Of Wisdom

    The only reason MGS is in this article is so that it would get read over the dozens of other Tomb Raider articles that have already been written. Guess the writer was feeling yellow....

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    Bayonetta 2: "Unrelenting,Sexy, and Totally Outragous"

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2014 by sundin13

    archbrix said: They need to actually do advertising with tv commercials for one.  Obviously, they can't do the Happy Meal thing they did with Mario Kart (maybe ads at adult novelty stores though?  lol), but the point is showing off the character and making people aware that there is a very different kind of game releasing exclusivley for WiiU. Yeah,...

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    What's the best DLC content/scenario you've ever bought?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2014 by Mistershine

    shikamaru317 said: -Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep This. Worth the price for Mr.. Bony.. Pants.. Guy??...

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    Mario and Luigi or Paper Mario?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 July 2014 by legendarysaber

    Mario and Luigi as I like how you can always avoid attacks if your timing is good enough....

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    Comparison of 1996 game and console prices to today.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 July 2014 by Baalzamon

    sc94597 said: Hm, well in economics class when we calculate inflation it is for the same exact goods. I guess they "cheat" in the real world. Inflation should be a measurement of how the devaluation of money(caused by its arbritrary production) affects prices of products.  I wholeheartedly agree. The inflation number we get can more or less be manipulated however they want...

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    What was the last boxed PC game you bought?

    in PC Discussion on 28 July 2014 by SvennoJ

    ^ The witcher 2 box is awesome and all that for the regular price. I'm jealous of your Civ 5 boxed set, they didn't have it here so I just got the crappy dvd. I guess I'll shop online if Civilization beyond earth gets a nice boxed edition. Very small chance I'll find it in stores here....

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    A biased review: Mega Man VI

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 July 2014 by DanneSandin

    Shadow1980 said:I enjoyed the classic series immensely from 1 through 4. MM5 and 6 felt kind of meh to me, though they were still decent. I agree with the OP that Capcom's Mega Man team was running out of steam by time the SNES came out and needed a change in pace, and we ended up getting the brilliant Mega Man X. MM7 & 8 were oddballs because they weren't 8-bit, but they were okay. But...

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    What's The Most Annoying Thing About YouTube Trolls?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 July 2014 by kupomogli

    Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:When they have a picture of tits on the video thumbnail but there are no tits to be found anywhere in the video T_T Argh, I hate that.  There's a picture of fsome hot chick with big tits, nice cleavage, and I'm like, I'd like to see that in a bigger pic.  Then nope.  I immediately downvote every video that does that.  J/k.  I rarely...

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    Are you getting Super Smash Bros. for Wii U or 3DS or both?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2014 by thetonestarr

    I'm getting 3DS day one, eventually WiiU. Already paid off my 3DS copy....

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    Gauging Interest: Fire Emblem Themed Mafia

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 July 2014 by Words Of Wisdom

    Wright said: Words Of Wisdom said: Glance through the OP.  PM me your questions.  I'd be happy to fill in the blanks. This whole Mafia thing reminds me of a card game the townsfolk (heh) around where I live used to play. Everyone is given a card, and depending on the card given, you're either the police, the killer or innocent peasants. Killer kills peasants,...

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    How do you feel about microsoft completely abandoning xbox 360 this E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2014 by binary solo

    Completely appropriate. 360 is yesterday's news, the future of the Xbox brand is no longer in the 360's hands and it is firmly, and precariously in Xb one's hands....

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    Megaman! Seriously Capcom, Just Make A New Megaman Game For Nintendo. (Nintendo Is Reviving A Once Dead Franchise)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2014 by megaman79

    kupomogli said:I wouldn't mind it if Nintendo purchased Mega Man. Capcom developed Mega Man games have been crap for awhile and it'd be nice if someone actually made some good Mega Man games again. Is it just me, or do the Retro Donkey Kong games mimic Mega Man?...

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