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    MontanaHatchet Hey Vgchartz people, how ya'll doing?
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    MontanaHatchet's Wall

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    < MontanaHatchet updated his status:

    Hey Vgchartz people, how ya'll doing?

    Trying to survive around here.

    on 10 July 2016

    hey monty, do you remember me? lol. its angrypoolman from years past. wish you would log in more so you can see all my fabulous posts. you are missed.

    Thanks angrypoolman, I appreciate it!

    on 02 May 2016

    < Wright posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Hope you're having a great year yourself!

    on 02 May 2016

    Damn, took your time xD

    on 02 May 2016

    < Wright posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    I though you were one of the mods. What happened? Or am I mistaking?

    < MontanaHatchet updated his status:

    Back to serious business avatar mode. But it's such a pretty picture!

    Owwwww, awesome.

    And you're here still! :P

    on 25 July 2014

    < Smeags posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    Yes my avatar worked! The summoning is complete. (How's life?)

    Yes! Soon, all of Vgchartz will have Amaterasu avatars! My evil plan is succeeding. But yeah, as for my less evil typical life, things are pretty relaxed right now. Mrs. Montana and the kiddo are away at her parents for 2 weeks, but that's coming to an end soon. Back to my shitty life soon (literally!). How about you? Keeping the site clean and decent?

    on 25 July 2014

    *laughs* Trying at least.

    Just summer courses at college and work so I can pay for summer courses at college.

    Good to hear from you though Monty. :)

    on 28 July 2014

    < d21lewis posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    Change your avatar back to the big Amatroaeafpdgtsu. That'll get the love flowing!

    In the game of Vgchartz you can never let your adversary see your pieces

    on 19 July 2014

    Hi there, Monty! Glad to see you haven't forgotten entirely about VGChartz!

    I drop in every once in a super blue moon to say hello. Glad to see there's still some love around! Really appreciate seeing some of the old faces.

    on 19 July 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    Random post on your wall time!

    Been replaying Okami as of late. What an excellent excellent game.

    Great choice! Wii version? Or going super retro and dusting out the ol' PS2 game box?

    on 19 July 2014

    Wii version; been playing through a good supply of PS2 games recently as well though

    on 19 July 2014

    < VanceIX posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    Hey! Just stopping by to say that your avatar is awesome

    Thanks Vance, feeling the love!

    on 15 July 2014

    Any time!

    on 15 July 2014

    < Cheebee posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    You have an awesome avatar. Such a lovely game, that. ^_^

    Thank you good sir! Love your avatar too; both excellent series.

    on 15 July 2014

    You're quite welcome!
    And thanks as well! They are indeed. I wish we'd get another Okami game, at least Ace Attorney's getting new games regularly!

    on 15 July 2014

    hi montana

    Hello HigHurtenflurst! That's what I like to see! Hope you're having a great day!

    on 15 July 2014

    Pretty good, just in the middle of season 2 of Kyle XY

    on 15 July 2014

    Kyle XY? I remember that show. :p Fun times.

    on 15 July 2014

    < kirby007 posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    You are my favourite monty on the citadel

    < Kasz216 posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    We have admins?

    < Wright posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    I'm glad you're back, by the way :D

    People keep saying stuff like that but I can never be back for long. Probably just this weekend and then no guarantees when I'll be back. But I intend to live it up!

    on 22 February 2014

    Well, I don't mind. At least I had the chance to briefly speak with you, which for me is more than enough!

    on 22 February 2014

    Your time here will be cherished, until you abandon us for your next real life adventure.

    on 22 February 2014

    < MontanaHatchet updated his status:

    I'm bringing sexy back, yeah! Those other bitches don't know how to act!

    Bitches! Get it, because Amaterasu is a female dog?

    on 22 February 2014

    I'm so excited I'm hyperventilating...!

    on 22 February 2014

    Comment in my new thread (if you're old enough!)

    on 22 February 2014

    I just did!

    on 22 February 2014

    You are into pegging? No biggie. Some people on the internet are into things that are truly fucked up!

    Pegging is one of the best things in life :D

    on 25 January 2014

    I just like it up the butt from a cute girl is all. Nothing wrong with it!

    on 22 February 2014

    < Wright posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    My tongue slipped and I told in a thread that you liked pegging. Hope you don't mind or get mad at me. Sorry man :(

    No prob, just send me a link to it man!

    on 21 January 2014


    I edited, but you can see someone quoted my original message on the second page.

    on 21 January 2014

    < Parokki posted something on MontanaHatchet's wall:

    beep boop

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