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    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on guiduc's wall:

    I added Junjou Romantica to my plan to watch list on MAL. I need more cute shows in my life tbh. I am way to stressed haha

    You try that and Sekaiichi-Hatsukoi. It'll keep you relaxed ^^

    on 08 February 2017

    OH I WAS GOING TO SEE THAT SHOW!! Digibro talked about it .

    on 08 February 2017

    You. must. watch it. Only 2 seasons but soo good.

    on 08 February 2017

    I forget, is it Yaoi?

    on 08 February 2017

    It is! ;)

    on 08 February 2017

    I never said that was a good quality for me ya know :P ...but it is... lol. Thanks homie ill get to it. I have the day off(a.k.a. I ditched) :D

    on 08 February 2017

    < TK-Karma posted something on guiduc's wall:

    Cute profile picture :) I have watched Junjou Romantica and instantly recognised the characters!

    Did you find it good? I'm a big fan!

    on 27 January 2017

    Yeah I liked it a lot! Very adorable all around and I would enjoy watching it again sometime =p

    on 29 January 2017

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on guiduc's wall:

    Wow Yaoi fan??? That better not be what I think it is. Hold up i'm doing a google search lol

    It probably is. I'm super into it, and figured it's growing more and more popular. But big fan of anime overall, no matter the genre.

    on 16 January 2017

    Lol Boku No PIco is Yaoi right????

    on 16 January 2017

    Yeah but shotacon, which involves younger boys (which is not my cup of tea).

    on 16 January 2017

    Doesn't look like it from your profile picture :D lol.

    on 16 January 2017

    Hahaha fuck off. Mizaki is young but not pre-pubescent :-O

    on 16 January 2017

    I wasn't pre pubescent at 12 either. If their age is on the clock......

    on 16 January 2017

    < CGI-Quality posted something on guiduc's wall:

    Sad to see you go, my friend! Good luck with whatever you're doing!

    Thanks :) I'll still be around

    on 03 January 2017

    And I gotta say, I find you are a remarkable moderator, truly!

    on 04 January 2017

    Well, I appreciate that (although I know some things need improvement). :p

    on 04 January 2017

    < think-man posted something on guiduc's wall:

    Sorry I can't reply to your comment but look at katakpisang and how often his threads are closed, he obviously doesn't know the rules.

    We will watch him closely. I'm just telling you that you should come to me (or any other moderator) or report if you feel like he's never following the rules. Backseat moderation is stated down in black in white to be prohibited.

    on 01 December 2016

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    Thank you so much for gathering all of this. You're my hero....

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    NintenDomination! Nintendo Switch Countdown - EIGHT DAYS!! Zelda Breath of the Wild Hype!!! Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update! Claim Your New Nintendo User ID! Nintendo Switch Reviews Out!

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    Zelda is probably one of the most demanding game Switch will receive. And it was at default lighting....


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