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< spurgeonryan posted something on guiduc's wall:

I did not know you were a mod, and do not know much about you before either. But after seeing your Ho, honey post and everything on your wall I think I like your mod style.

Thanks spurge ;-) at your service.

on 08 July 2016

< Kerotan posted something on guiduc's wall:

No problem boss. (in relation to your MC request)

Here's the deal: both of you are right.

PS4 nearing 24k as a home console in the middle of summer, in Japan, is an impressive feat.

3DS selling close to PS4, after 5 1/2 year on the market, while mobile gaming is on the rise is an impressive feat.

Doesn't stop the PS4 from catching up with 3DS and selling much better. This is a fact nobody can argue on, but it doesn't mean that everybody is ready to swallow it.

It's best to move on when somebody gets emotional in order to avoid conflict.

on 08 July 2016

I think the problem is they don't see the whole picture because they don't properly remember all my posts on Japanese charts.

I do switch from tracker to tracker but I have good reason. Famitsu have alligned the weeks for 2016 to 2015 properly so I use them for the YTD comparison. Also for retail + digital because only they give digital estimates.

But generally I go by the mediacreate top 20 every week and their hardware. I'll always comment on what the others give and if 2 trackers disagree I'll bring in Dengeki as the tie breaker.

I also don't consider the ps4 or 3DS competition but give how they are basically selling the same so far in 2016 it's a fun comparison.

People who've an agenda against me will try to selectively comment on me but will ignore the bigger picture painted above. There are a few posters just lurking on those threads these days not bother commenting on the numbers but as soon as someone like hiska-kun has a go at me they jump out of the wood work and join in.

For the record it doesn't bother me and that's why I've not reported anyone in that thread. They'd have to get a lot more personal for that. So on my end it's all good but I can understand why the mod team want to nip it in the bud before it potentially escalates.

on 08 July 2016

That's right. Because it affects everyone that is seeing or commenting on the thread. It's better if we move on to a healthier discussion.

I'd encourage you though to report those who lacks respect when you engage in arguments with them. Respect is paramount for the mod team. And especially for me as a mod.

See ya around!

on 08 July 2016

< mjk45 posted something on guiduc's wall:

Thank you for your message , although it has left me some what confused as to exactly why ,if they or you took what I wrote as an attack against Nintendo fans for being immature you would be wrong, it was based on Miyomoto's history of seeing gaming through the eyes of children and not really seeing a place in Nintendo for games like GTA 3 whom he said was not a game he would like to see on the system , so the observation was about him not Nintendo's audience.

Maybe I should have put a disclaimer on the post saying even though the post is aimed at Miyamoto it does not reflect his audience , but I didn't think people where so thin skinned.

probably should have PM'd that

on 07 July 2016

< kurasakiichimaru posted something on guiduc's wall:

What's wrong with gay? Are you afraid of that term? It is an appeal to straight male gamers not to be biased on games based on a game with a deeply feminine design. If you got bothered by it then tell me why gay is informal? JESUS.

If I recall correctly, you used that word to describe as you stated a 'deeply feminine' designed game. But the term 'gay' doesn't describe accurately the game because being gay doesn't qualify you as a 'deeply feminine' guy, therefore the adjective doesn't apply to a feminine game. You're using the term wrongly, and in a disrespectul manner, even though you're preaching acceptance of a game with a 'deeply feminine design.' Gay should never be used as an adjective to qualify an object or a person, unless you're talking about sexual orientation. You will never use it again here. And PM next time.

on 29 June 2016

< ktay95 posted something on guiduc's wall:

... mod, member since 09, 17000 points... how have I never added you or even seen you around the forums before O_O

How dare you? ^^

on 16 May 2016

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Breath Of The Wild Wii U/NX video found before reveal today

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Link please? I can't see a thing....

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Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

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Naruto episode 476/477 Discussion(spoilers)

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I really enjoyed those two episodes. I'm a recent fan but I've gone through all the episodes (yes yes, including fillers) and I can say those two are among my favorites. So powerful. Sad to see the story coming to an end but it ran its course. :)...


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