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    < Zappykins posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Happy TitanFall Launch!

    < saruf posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Get Free PSN Codes and Xbox Codes At www.facebook.com/psnxboxcodegenerator

    < saruf posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Get Free PSN Codes and Xbox Codes At www.facebook.com/psnxboxcodegenerator

    < yo_john117 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Hey, you interested in joining a sales prediction league?


    I'll pass, thanks for asking though.

    on 16 October 2013

    No problem!

    After looking at Seece's wall post, I realize that I should have read your wall before posting this xD

    on 16 October 2013

    < Seece posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Hey toad, wanna predict in the league this year? http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=168779&page=1#

    Sorry it took so long to reply bro, no disrespect. I'm gonna have to pass on the prediction thing, not really my cup of tea.

    on 16 October 2013

    That's fine, afraid you missed the deadline by 3 weeks anyhow :P

    on 16 October 2013

    Lol, that sounds about right.

    on 16 October 2013

    What X1 games you got pre ordered?

    on 16 October 2013

    Man, this gonna sound bad but I have to wait until the next pre order announcement. My wife and I were undecided for a bit on when to buy for the kids. She wanted to for X-Mas, post launch, I wanted day one. She was winning at first but I said fuck it just the other day. I called around and none in my area but hopefully I can get one. I'll definitely be getting Ryse, DR3 and probably COD.

    on 16 October 2013

    Awh, hopefully you get one. I didn't pre order straight away either, probably about 6 weeks ago. Thankfully there was stock left. Nice, DR3 is gonna be amazing!

    on 16 October 2013

    < NobleTeam360 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    I love that the people who bitched about Xbox Live not being free now have to pay for PSN. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Ha ha, me too, maybe that can be next gen sig, Lol.

    on 15 September 2013

    < JayWood2010 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    make sure to vote


    < Recon1O1 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    I hear ya ts. I still see 'Dynosaw' on my friend feed at true achievements but not a lot. Did you get my sackboy reference? Pretty obscure.

    < chocoloco posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Yeah, I'll get you the links in a pm soon. The first woman's championship belt is coming up. I cannot say I am as excited as curious if it will be good.

    I was never into chicks doing combat sports. Rousey is pretty sexy though, for a tough girl.

    on 02 January 2013

    I just do not feel it is main event worthy. I may be wrong, but unless there are a lot of female fighters in the UFC it will not be a very worthwhile event to watch until there are. And she is not bad, true.

    on 04 January 2013

    < noname2200 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:


    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

    < Proclus posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Added you on XBL, I'm Marcus.

    Ok man, we'll hook up online sometime. I'm down for whatever game types you wanna play. I usually play some sort of slayer so I may not perform as well in something else though so keep that in mind. I guess I just like killing dudes :)

    on 11 November 2012

    Heh, no worries, I like most gametypes but slayer and big team slayer are my favourites. :)

    on 11 November 2012

    < yo_john117 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    It seems that I am making a tradition of betraying you at least once a night now :P

    No sweat man, in the heat of battle, it's understandable. I actually spawned right before that so it was probably a spawn kill. Oh and I was the one who lased the Hornet that time and didn't get credit for the double kill, lol.

    on 26 October 2012

    xD I don't even understand how that was possible. Seriously how do you grub someone's laser kill.

    on 26 October 2012

    I do stuff like that sometimes playing big team, He probably put a single DMR shot on the Hornet right at that exact moment and it registered as a kill for him. Try it the next time someone is about to destroy something big with a sticky or something.

    on 26 October 2012

    Cool I didn't even know that was possible.

    on 26 October 2012

    < pezus posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Time to discuss a new season! I heard you weren't going to create the thread yourself so I went ahead http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=148657

    Good luck with it. I won't be visiting it though because I want to stay away from comic book spoiler guy.

    on 13 October 2012

    APM? He said the comic books are very different

    on 13 October 2012

    No one in particular. I just notice that people can't help themselves from bringing up what what happens in the books. Even if it's a slight hint about a character, that's too much for me so I'm done with Walking Dead online .

    on 13 October 2012

    Don't worry about that man, we're spoiler texting our spoilers.

    on 02 November 2012

    < spurgeonryan posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    3 Days! Are you sure?

    Absolutely, thanks for asking. They are showing like a season 3 preview on Saturday too so just a heads up.

    on 12 October 2012

    No I mean are you sure you do not want to do it? lol

    on 12 October 2012

    I know what you meant, do the Walking Thread. I was just telling you about the preview separately. I could have worded it better, sorry.

    on 12 October 2012

    < spurgeonryan posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Hello! Do you have a talent that you want to share with us for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes?


    < spurgeonryan posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    Did you see the trailer/preview for season 3?

    No I didn't until you just told me about it. Shit looks crazy. Is that Merle just another hallucination? It's funny because I've been on my Game of Thrones high horse lately telling everyone who will listen that it's by far the best thing on TV. I still stand by that but season 3 of Walking Dead has me amped now. Looks real good, thanks for the heads up.

    on 16 July 2012

    BB>GoT>TWD :)

    on 16 July 2012

    Season three will change your mind Pezus. Watch season 2 of dexter.

    on 05 September 2012

    < wean22 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:


    Hello dear,my name is stephaine weah i am so happy to read your profile at (www.vgchartz.com),please i will like us to know each other and to establish a strong relationship.contact me on my email (stephaineweah@live.com) to enable me share my picture with you and for you to know me more in further comminication.have a nice day.

    miss stephaine.

    Hey stephaineweahbot, go fuck yourself.

    on 13 June 2012

    < yo_john117 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    There you go you impatient bastard


    That's the second time you've called me a bastard in your last two visits to my wall.....you should drop by more often. Good looking out though and I just came from the official.

    on 03 June 2012

    Wow I do call you a bastard a lot! Guess I'll have to make a tradition out of it now :P

    on 04 June 2012

    < yo_john117 posted something on toadslayer72's wall:

    You bastard lol. I was in the Selnor Halo 4 thread (you know the one :P ) and you quoted someone about the Halo 4 beta coming out Nov 6...I was just about to quote you and sing songs of happiness over there being a beta when I realized that's the date the game is actually coming out >_

    LOL, that's awesome. I was just being a smart ass, I didn't even think it would fool someone, if even only for a moment. Yeah, that's funny.

    on 27 April 2012

    Well then again it's easy to fool me...remember when I actually believed that you had a Master Chief helmet tattoo on your helmet? >_>

    on 27 April 2012

    Lol, yeah that's right.

    on 27 April 2012

    you love paying for xbox live?? that's insane!! no one likes paying for anything!!! as a mtter of fact, i don't paying attention, cause it cost to much lol.

    Lol, while I certainly don't mind, I made that sig a while ago when there were a whole load of people talking about XBL and trying to convince the people that don't mind paying, that they should not only mind, but be extra pissed about it. More of a jab at these people.

    on 26 April 2012

    lol i might have done that with PSN being free, but often times they seem the same to me.

    i knnow its sounds strang but with a few eceptions PSN and XBL are no different. the only real defference is what MS tries to provide, and i doubt that be reivaled until next gen.

    on 26 April 2012

    great idea though, as i'm sure you got your point across, and i'm sure it shut many people up lol.

    on 26 April 2012

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