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    Kinect Adventures to be a 20 million seller? (I'm dead serious)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 April 2015 by t3mporary_126

    *Looks at thread.* *Sees it's a bumped thread that has already been bumped before.* ...

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    Post Your Mind

    in General Discussion on 29 March 2015 by d21lewis

    The following post will be made entirely with the highlighted word of my tablet's prediction feature. Only the first word will be chosen by me: The new York NY and I don't know if you are you are you. I don't know if you are you are you I was a lot of the new York Let me know if you have any questions about this message in the new York How to get a lot of this email address so...

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    What's the most anticipated Xbox One Game for you?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 December 2014 by darkenergy

    Quantum Break is still my most anticipated xbox one game. The gameplay reveal already got me to purchase it day one,hopefully it has multiplayer. Halo 5 Guardians is also a day one for me. Undead Labs class 4 MMO is another game I would like to see....

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    Where to get hard to find music online???

    in Music Discussion on 23 June 2014 by Raze

    keepvid.com works pretty well too, doesn't require an installer on anything. You can also convert from movie to mp3 that way too....

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    Official Thread of Titanfall: Be Advised, Titan Ready

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 April 2014 by J_Allard

    Nice figure. So where is everyone at in the game? I am on Gen 6, level 47 or 48 IIRC. Got some rodeo challenges and shitty MAG launcher challenges before I can regen again. Should be over 3 days of play time by now, probably over 4. Still finding new ways to play the game. Just recently switched my Titan ability up to the wall shield, thing is great....

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    The last thing you bought?

    in General Discussion on 03 April 2014 by superchunk

    I spent $34 at lunch today. mmmmm On way home I'm picking up DKC:TF and then probably a couple GBA VC games....

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    Titanfall's Anticheat Is Now Being Enforced. Cheaters will only play against Cheaters!

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2014 by fps_d0minat0r

    I hope the system works effectively. scumbag cheats deserve to play against each another....

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    LITERAL Titanfall Trailer. lol

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 March 2014 by jlmurph2

    Soonerman said:Am I the only one that didn't find it funny? I just don't get it.... Literal trailers is a series with the guy Tobuscus singing what literally happens in a movie/show/game trailer. This may not be the funniest one but they do get pretty damn clever....

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    Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2 Confirmed

    in Movies Discussion on 20 March 2014 by curl-6

    Cars 1 and 2 were garbage, I'm not even going to bother watching 3....

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    Titanfall is everything that Killzone was not... Gameplay > Graphic...

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 March 2014 by curl-6

    HEMSTAR said: yvanjean said: Killzone release on the PS4 with its glorious next-gen graphic and polish, unfortunately it did nothing to improve the gameplay and innovate on a overused FPS formula from the Xbox360/PS3 games. It reminded gamers that have fatigue of the same COD/Battlefield formula that we actually want gameplay/experience improvement over...

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    So why are you still here?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 March 2014 by Pibituh

    Munkeh111 said:I'm not buying Titanfall, but even when GTA V and the Last of Us came out, people were on here to TALK ABOUT THE GAME This is what the forum is for, talking about sales, but also taking about games. The reason people sign up here is that they don't just want to play games, they want to discuss them with vaguely like minded people But yeah, go enjoy Titanfall, I'm going to...

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    Official Titanfall Review Thread: Metacritic 86

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 March 2014 by toadslayer72

    It's great to see that even in the not so great reviews, they can't help but say in some form of other that the game is fun. ...

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    The Titanfall hype thread! Final Pre-orders up, it's PARTY TIME!!! Titanfall hits over 400,000 Pre-order US

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 March 2014 by DJEVOLVE

    This game had a massive line when I went on tues after Midnight release. ...

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    So how many titles have you bought physical and how many digital for X1

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 March 2014 by IMP_ervious

    I only own Plants vs Zombies: GW (physical) right now and will be picking up Titanfall in a few hours. I'll probably still buy everything physical if its an option....

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    New Avatar & Sig Rules

    in Website Topics on 03 March 2014 by pbroy

    NiKKoM said: The movie is "This is 40" Run!!! She'll kill baby seals with them clubbed thumbs of hers...

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    The Xbox One price cut is slightly insulting, desperate & utterly brilliant

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 February 2014 by thx1139

    kupomogli said: thx1139 said: I expected this all along. Didnt the PS3 experience provide evidence that consumers really dont get pissed about this sort of thing. The PS3 dropped $100 per year the 1st 3 years of its existence. Did you see some sort of huge backlash? Nope. You did see big backlash, but it wasn't from the early adopters, it was from people who purchased the...

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    Titanfall Beta Feedback / Impressions thread - Update Im in and playing! 11 Minute complete multiplayer vid added!

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 February 2014 by J_Allard

    So apparently the beta is over :( Greatest beta ever though? Seems so. Somehow it made me even more hyped for the final release....

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    Walmart: Xbox One + 1 free game for $499, free shipping.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 February 2014 by d21lewis

    Mr Puggsly said: d21lewis said:Tempting if the choice of games were better. Well two of those games are the best selling titles on PS4 and X1. This bundle was designed exclusively for the bros. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they have one *looks at camera* for the players....

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    How Much Does Adam Sessler Hate Titanfall?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 February 2014 by Zappykins

    Slimebeast said: We've not seen such universally positive previews for a game in a long time. Just think about it, all these seasoned gaming journalist veterans look genuinely excited for this game.Titanfall will be a phenomenon and is no doubt an evolution of entertainment, a true next step in multiplayer gameplay. And Playstation fans should embrace it too since it's just a matter of...

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    UPDATE: TitanFall Beta Open to EVERYONE!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 February 2014 by dane007

    Zappykins said: I'm only at level 3!  I'm still learning just basic controlling of the Titan.  Still, it's a good feel, getting better.  Took out a few Titan's myself.  I haven't run into any issues, other than my Xbox One got hot!  I herd theis 'woohs' sound and was like - what is that?  It was the fan(s) coming on, never heard that before. We had a guy...

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