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    Put a fork in the Wii U, it is done. [Sensible discussion only, no flaming]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2013

    The Wii U is done folks. It will never compete with the big boys. Nintendo is charging too much to rope in the casuals, and hasn't provided a system with specs close enough to its competition to justify cheap ports. Thus, it won't get any 3rd party support. It'll be lucky even to get kids games, this time around, because Mom & Pop won't buy a $300 console for Johnny and Rebecca -- they...

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    RUMOR: PS3 revision with price cut comming!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2011

    I might buy a 32/40nm PS3 (if that's what it is... the current models are 45/40nm) just to have it last forever, because its power usage would be insanely low, and it'd probably last for eons....

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    Should Sony get rid of Zipper?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 June 2011

    TBH, Zipper is, in many ways, the tech powerhouse of Sony -- they have made unprecidented advances in network tech, as well as usage of the Cell for non-rendering tasks -- think of all the CPU muscle required to run the game logic, physics, and animation for 256 players at once. Even the SOCOM 4 co-op has a *really* impressive number of pretty intelligent AIs. I would even go as far to say that...

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    Major Nelson: 42M XBox 360s sold WW (not 43.9M)

    in Sales Discussion on 29 October 2010

    trunkswd said: Already posted, besides Microsoft just yesterday announced Total Xbox 360 shipments are at 44.5 million. VGC has 39.5 million 360s sold at the end of October. 1 million on store shelves, being shipped to retailers is what it has been in the past. Major Nelson was talking sold, not shipped.  And I see the VGC current 360 number, supposedly the "sold" number, not even at...

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    Major Nelson: 42M XBox 360s sold WW (not 43.9M)

    in Sales Discussion on 29 October 2010

    I sincerely doubt he's wrong.  He's an official MS mouthpiece, and MS isn't going to shortchange themselves by handing out low numbers. This was posted only a little while ago, today. I would say that the actual number could be as high as 42.49M, and they might still say "42M", but that still puts VGC numbers about 1.5M off....

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    Major Nelson: 42M XBox 360s sold WW (not 43.9M)

    in Sales Discussion on 29 October 2010

    For reading, and discussion: 1 Billion Entertainment Hours spent on Xbox LIVE every month   We’ve just released some interesting Xbox data that I thought you might enjoy: There are 42 million consoles sold in 35 countries. In the last year alone there has been an 157 percent increase in the time spent watching movies and television on...

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    Why doesnt Microsoft invest in there own studios and exculsives?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 June 2010

    MS has only recently realized that in-house game development is strategically important, which is why you see all those new startup studios, with no titles (yet), under their 1st party wing.  They thought they could get by with timed exclusives for some time. At MS, the games division used to be a joke -- where the dregs of the software developers worked at MS.  They assigned...

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    so move is $180?

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2010

    You can use a DualShock in lieu of a Nav Controller. Also, I doubt there will be many games that support 2 Moves BOTH with Nav controllers.  I bet you can get by with just one of those....

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    What will sell better PS Move or MS kinect

    in Sales Discussion on 15 June 2010

    The market for games using motion controllers is already 65M strong, so... I think publishers will tend to want to make Wii/PS3 casual games over Kinect casual games.  The Wii/PS3 SD-HD difference won't matter so much for casual titles -- it really comes down to raw cross-platform marketshare. That said, I don't think there will be much software support for Kinect, casual or otherwise. Move...

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    IGN Socom 4 Move GLOWING preview

    in Sony Discussion on 14 June 2010

    twistedcellz said: gustave154 said: still sticking to my dualshock controller xD buying socom 4 though =) yeah me too but theres somethin really botherin me, why more than half of his body is cut from the screen hope we can change the camera angle or somethin I think I understand why they don't pull the camera so far back with Motion Controlled TPS games...  What happens if a...

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    Official Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference Thread

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 June 2010

    Overall, I think MS did an excellent job with content targetted at the casual audience.  I think all the doubts that Kinect would be a flop, from the content perspective, have washed away -- its got a great casual lineup. Now they just have to price it well, and advertise it.  That might be tough....

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    HD SOCOM 2 remake on PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 08 June 2010

    I think I'll wait to experience, heck even know something about the MP in, SOCOM 4 before deciding I want something different. S2 was fun because it was 2003.  I don't think it'd be fun today.  Besides, S4 could probably emulate S2's gameplay easily.  It could have UCRRs, the UCRRs could have options for allowing cover, etc.  We have no idea....

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    If there is a 360 slim, will the current hard-drive fit it?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 May 2010

    You guys are nuts with this whole "what do I do to upgrade, when a slim is released??" thing.What makes you think MS wants to burn money by selling you a new console, probably with a built-in HDD and at a loss, to replace your current 360? That's not gonna increase their software/accessory sales, and hence profit, now is it?If there's a 360 slim, there won't be any connecting old HDDs to it. ...

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    MAG v 1.06 inbound for June

    in Sony Discussion on 29 May 2010

    phxprovost said:lol people still play this game? i stopped playing about 5 months ago and never looked back For months you've done nothing but troll posts that have anything to do with MAG, actually. Why do you care, if you despise the game so much? Seriously, why even click on a MAG forum post if you haven't ever "looked back"? If you have nothing to add to the discussion, please don't...

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    How the psp go got screwed

    in Sony Discussion on 27 May 2010

    The Go was not overpriced.You can't even use a regular PSP without a memstick, and a 16GB stick is gonna cost set you back a good $100.PSP + 2 GB stick costs about $189.99. The UMD functionality.. shouldn't matter to a new purchaser. Why on earth would Sony want to sell hardware (possibly for a loss, given the cost of 16GB of flash memory) to an old PSP owner? They make money form software. ...

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    what is your favorite new sony ip for the ps3 ?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 May 2010

    I was going to say Uncharted, but then I was pondering what game I'd playing tonite....MAG...

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    Sony made a choice: market share > profit

    in Sales Discussion on 13 May 2010

    Sony is a multifaceted company folks. The loss isn't what it seems.Every Blu-Ray drive the Networked division buys nets at least $8 revenue in another division (13M * 8 = $104M royalty reported in a diff division, and probably manufacturing revenues to yet another hardware division), every Blu-Ray disc printed costs the Networked division money, and yields revenue for Sony's own disc...

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    Cohort Studios: Move is “so much more accurate” than Wiimote

    in Sony Discussion on 28 April 2010

    [pointless discussion deleted]...

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    Cohort Studios: Move is “so much more accurate” than Wiimote

    in Sony Discussion on 28 April 2010

    The Wiimote's ability to detect depth is based on distance between detected light sources, and it is far less accurate than analyzing a camera image with a clear marker of known size (like a glowing sphere) would be.Otherwise, I agree, the Wiimote+WMP should be nearly the same as the Move. Spatially, however, the Move's accuracy margins would be measured in millimeters, whereas the Wiimote's...

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    How Sony could have destroyed the 360 and remained profitable

    in Sales Discussion on 12 April 2010

    Except for the fact that Blu-ray profits will far outstrip Sony games division profits in the end, I would totally agree. On top of that, MS is not Sony's only competition, so "beating the 360" is at most half, if that, the issue at hand.The Blu-ray victory was/is everything. You can't forget it, because the PS3 was the key to victory. Blu-ray will eventually amount to billions in profit --...

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