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    < sethnintendo updated his status:

    ┐Faith semi restoring?

    You bought a Switch?

    16 hours ago

    Not yet. I might wait till holidays or when a good bundle arrives. I got so many games on backlog that I'd be fine not buying any for a few years. I was thinking about asking one for my bday that is coming up but might just wait.

    I just was down in the dumps with Nintendo a few months back.

    16 hours ago

    A few months back is when Zelda released. You should have been high in spirits at that time!

    Well I will wait till November. Still have plenty of Wii U to play anyways.

    16 hours ago

    lol not a Zelda fan but I might actually pick up the new one. I was mainly butthurt over the whole NES Classic fiasco and not being able to find one for 60 dollars in the stores.

    15 hours ago

    That was annoying and then they killed it. Made no sense at all. Never even saw one at my store!

    15 hours ago

    < sethnintendo updated his status:

    Losing my Nintendo faith

    You should stop smoking weed.

    on 29 April 2017

    Probably best comment I've seen in awhile. One of these days.... One of these days...

    on 29 April 2017

    < sethnintendo updated his status:

    Nintendo hasn't convinced me to make a switch yet.

    When they release Animal Crossing you know you won't be able to resist.

    on 06 March 2017

    Yea, I might have to take the plunge then but vowed not to pay for online. I might go against it and fork over the money (I believe it will be around 20-25 a year) but not looking forward to it. Also, the Switch doesn't even have a mic does it? I don't want to download some stupid app (currently I don't even have an account linked to my smartphone because I don't even have a need for any apps) to be able to talk to people. So I guess if that is the case I would be typing in my messages like the DS and 3DS Animal Crossings and not able to talk like on the Wii AC with semi shitty ass Wii Speak.

    on 12 March 2017

    < Ninten78 posted something on sethnintendo's wall:

    Do you think the 3DS will have successor? A dedicated new hand held

    I think they will release a smaller more portable version of the Switch in a year or two. So a pocket size version that plays all the same games as the Switch (Switch Mini).

    on 02 January 2017

    So I guess that accounts for Mr.Iwatas comments saying hw will be more like brothers

    on 02 January 2017

    < aikohualda posted something on sethnintendo's wall:

    why you play no pokemon? :O

    lol well just never got into series. It became popular when I was in already in high school or about to be. I did play some of Blue (probably 2/3 complete) after finding a copy at my grandma's a few years back. I enjoyed it and had some favorites like Snorlax. Might look into new one after perhaps finally completing Blue. I'm working on a few games like Borderlands 2 right now.

    on 04 December 2016

    I was in highschool when i played red :p japanese copy and couldn't understand a word... i guess i am geekier than you lol

    on 04 December 2016

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    Write 17

    Rumor: More talk of a SNES Mini coming this year

    in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago

    potato_hamster said: sethnintendo said: Oh I thought a few places like Gamestop had preorders for it.  If not then what the fuck do they expect their fans to do.  Drive and call stores in their town non stop wondering when the next shipment was going to be?  I gave up about 2-3 weeks into the NES Classic release because I wasn't going to actively seek out a product...

    Write 87

    Nintendo market cap hits 5tn yen.

    in Gaming Discussion 16 hours ago

    I was trying to convince friends to buy Nintendo stock (even before the Pokemon Go bump) and now my worst fears have arrived. I missed out on the ride along with my friends....

    Write 17

    Fan turns Game Boy Advance SP into a Switch dock!

    in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago

    COKTOE said: sethnintendo said: Modding but he did ruin a perfectly fine GBA SP. That's what I thought initially, but it mentions the GBS SP was broken in the OP. Oh then kudos to him.  I got on someone not reading the op in the Ford doesn't go to Mexico thread and now bam...  I get a taste of my own medicine....


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