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    Going to try sobriety for awhile... Think of all the money I can save!

    < Snesboy posted something on sethnintendo's wall:

    Dude, are you okay? I've never seen you get so worked about politics. [the dems pres hopefuls thread]

    Yea I'm doing fine. I get a little worked up sometimes. Perhaps I need to stay out of political threads lol. I think I calmed down a little in that thread but I'll probably just ignore it from now. I'll try to just stick to Nintendo threads. Kind of pointless to talk politics considering most people's view points are set in stone.

    on 26 June 2019

    I'm right there with you man. You and I have differing political opinions but if we let it consume us, we're going to get swallowed up by it, especially when it's beyond our control.

    on 26 June 2019

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    Fucking die - The Hound

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    Another day another penny

    < sethnintendo updated his status:

    Mark Zuckerberg is a douchebag

    South Park???

    on 21 October 2017

    Missed new episode. Will watch on hulu. I've always hated the douchebag.

    "Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
    Zuck: Just ask
    Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
    [Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?
    Zuck: People just submitted it.
    Zuck: I don't know why.
    Zuck: They "trust me"
    Zuck: Dumb fucks "

    on 21 October 2017

    Lol wtf? I don't know much about him - to be honest i'm not important enough to have social media : P

    But that's crazy! I was watching the new South Park episode, and it's like a prequel to their whole Superhero Marvel parody. And they make a huge deal out of Mark being a douchebag xD I didn't get almost any of the references!

    I did hear about that thing where he VR'd himself. I think it had to do with Puerto Rico crisis?

    on 21 October 2017

    Here is a link if needed.
    It is near the top at 2004 quote. Yea he ran into hot water on the PR crisis because he tried to showcase some stupid VR tech but semi used the catastrophe as the presentation. It didn't go over well. To be honest I've always hated the fuck. Just looks like a douchebag to me. I pray to Thor he doesn't run for president.

    on 21 October 2017

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    The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

    in Website Topics 6 days ago

    kirby007 said: That locked threads thing is quite annoying Trying this out.  If I hit submit on replying then I get redirected to Amazon prime day site two times before I can fucking post message.  I'm done with vgc on cell phone.  Plus if try to quote and reply it goes all black.  How the fuck can I see if everything is black when posting reply in Firefox. K...

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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses puts an end to Nintendo's DLC nonsense

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    Vodacixi said: sethnintendo said: Didn't that become the next Zelda game on the switch.  They said they had too many ideas for DLC so it became a game. So? We paid 20 dollars for a new original story. And we never got what we paid for. Nintendo lied to everyone and they took our money. I thought you paid 20 dollars for a motorcycle. ...

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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses puts an end to Nintendo's DLC nonsense

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    NightlyPoe said: sethnintendo said: Where are the dlcs for Mario + Rabbids and Mario Party?  They left Mario Party with lack luster online play (not that I care) and XCOM games always get dlc. Mario + Rabbids got beefy DLC with Donkey Kong Adventure. Ah shit.  That's what I get for being stuck in Wii U generation. ...


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