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< JPL78 posted something on Ronster316's wall:

Ronster! The most Sony console playing Sony hater I've ever seen! We're talking the better part of a year playing PS3 and Vita exclusively, right? You're going to pass me in trophies :(

< d21lewis posted something on Ronster316's wall:

Spy Hunter in your sig? When did that become available!?

< Seece posted something on Ronster316's wall:

Hey Ronster, how come no XB1?

Giving us regular guys a head start before he gets one and dominates us all, I guess. When it comes to earning Achievements, the man is a beast.

on 04 April 2014

haha he is indeed, I think I got him beat once tho, in a fighting game no less!

on 04 April 2014

Picking off trophies that aint too much hassle on the 'ol Vita ATM, but yeah, returning to 360 soon and an X1 is not too far off either.

on 04 April 2014

I know you have a higher TA score than me on Mortal Kombat vs DC Seece buddy, not sure about Mortal Kombat though. oh, and BTW, the Vita version is every bit as good as the console versions, plus you get all the DLC characters and Kratos thrown in for free, the Vita posts of console games like Sonic All Stars Racing, Street Fighter x Tekken, Virtua Tennis 4 etc are all amazing, Vita has impressed me unquestionably.

on 04 April 2014

Baaaaaarely :P

on 04 April 2014

I'm 30 g's behind you!

on 04 April 2014

I still have to pick up achievements like comeback with 10% health remaining, win both rounds with a timeout though seece ;-) you got me well and truly beat on MK v DC though.

on 04 April 2014

< AZWification posted something on Ronster316's wall:

It's great to see Sega get some love around here!

< Squeezol posted something on Ronster316's wall:

Your gamerscore is freaking awesome!

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Write 89

This Console Generation's Current Graphics King (Technical Benchmark)

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

Love it or hate it.......... Ryse looks FANTASTIC....... play the beach scene, it blows everythingelse out of the wtaer on consoles....... and considering how few xbox owners there are on here, the fact it gets mentioned a lot puts a tonne of weight behind it....

Write 208

LittleBigPlanet 3 Reviews Coming In! [MetaScore:79 out of 23 Reviews]

in Sony Discussion 4 days ago

Oh dear........... sorry, but it was always punching above its weight to begin with IMO....... so not surprised....

Write 89

This Console Generation's Current Graphics King (Technical Benchmark)

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

Driveclub with it's linear courses and....... oh, i dont know, it still dont look all that good to me despite the lack of content....


Height: 0'0

Favourite Games: see below............

Favourite Music: Oasis, Red hot chilli peppers, Linkin park, Madness

Favourite Films: 1. Drunken master.... Jackie chan, Hwang Jang Lee (The undisputed KING of leg combat) do a youtube search for "hwang jang lee showcase" this mans kicks are incredible and no wire work whatsoever...... awesome, Best kung fu/action/comedy movie of all time

2. Goodfellas...."Greatest gangster/mob film of all time" Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta all put in oscar worthy performances

3. Too many films from the 80's to mention, so a faw of my faves woulld be........ Die Hard, The Terminator, The Twilight Zone movie, Running Man, Cobra, Rocky 3 & 4, Midnight Run, Aliens, Escape From New York, Evil Dead 1 & 2....... i could go on all day, so that'll do for now.

Favourite Books: The hurricane

Hobbies: Travel a lot
Sports (ok, you got me lol, pub games like pool and darts)
Love playing cards, Poker, Blackjack ect

About Me: Live in london

Full time job that pays pretty good but is now starting to (edit. used to) restrict my xbox 360 sessions lol

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