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RaptorChrist said:
Hm, it's fine to like NInja Gaiden more than Bloodborne, but I don't know how a fan of Ninja Gaiden could think Bloodborne is a shallow, wannabe, hack 'n slash game. Are you getting frustrated with a certain boss or certain area of the game and taking your anger out by making this thread, or do you just truly not like Bloodborne? How are the mechanics not good? The rally system for gaining back health is rewarding and the combat is fast-paced what with it's generally aggressive bosses. What's your thoughts of Dark Souls? If you like Ninja Gaiden and think Bloodborne is trash, then I can't help but be skeptical about how that's the case.

I've played through Bloodborne twice now, and both times were amazing. I enjoy traditional Souls games more, as they have deeper RPG mechanics, with a better gear system, an added weight system, and more weapon variety, but Bloodborne intentionally strayed away from that in the hopes of establishing itself as it's own game. It turned out to still be very similar to a Souls game, but I'm happy about that, as I can't seem to get enough of FromSoft's Soulsborne games.

Fast paced? when you walk, my 90 year old grandad can walk faster, and when you run or Dodge, a 73 year old Sylvester stallone has faster reactions, its not about how frustrating or not the bosses are, its about how reverse gear slow this game is.