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    Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Trailer [May 24 - June 6]

    in Sony Discussion 13 hours ago

    As soon as I get home I'm playing the shit out of it. ...

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    Nioh 2 Alpha invite

    in Sony Discussion 22 hours ago

    Check your emails folks. I've just received a Nioh 2 Alpha redeem code. Just put it download and waiting for it to finish. Hopefully I can get to it when I get back from work tomorrow. Apparently we will get three missions , new combat system and a new samurai character. It will be on until 2nd June. I loved the original Nioh (thanks Bralod for introducing me to it). Ended up completing it...

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    Are you a true Bloodborne fan? Bloodborne: The Board Game Kickstarter

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 May 2019

    Love the video game. Bought the nightmare edition and it is the best collectors edition I've ever owned. I don't know how boardgame pricing works, but Holy shit it's expensive. If you go for the full set, it's even more expensive. I thought 50-60 would set me up for everything. ...

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    Navi Made in Colab with sony, MS still Using it?

    in General Discussion on 22 April 2019

    I think MS will come out with a family of consoles: Around the PS5 launch they will offer a digital only and disc variant weaker than the ps5. A year later they will launch a more powerful console. I dint think they can afford to sell at a great loss or launch late. If they want the most powerful console that's not a little bit a lot more powerful, they will need to have a staggered...

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    Why haven't they made this obvious game yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2019

    The other obvious one is a Lobo game. Santa Monica would make a good job of it. Or maybe Moon Knight game made by Insomniac. ...

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    Why haven't they made this obvious game yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2019

    Why haven't they made a Labyrinth sequel as a full blown Zeldaesque game with licensed music from Bowie and other great artists of that era? ...

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    PSA: Sony is planning to take the ENTIRE Driveclub franchise off the Playstation Store on August 31st, server shutdown also planned for next year

    in Sony Discussion on 30 March 2019

    Hopefully we get a new Drive Club at the launch of PS5. The need of a good arcade racer is real. I'll be happy with a new Motorstorm or Drive Club next gen. ...

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    Best boss fights of this gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2019

    For me it's between: Baldur in GOW Ludwig in Bloodborne Yamata No Orichi in Nioh Final Boss in Devil May Cry V (not mentioning it due to spoilers for those who plan to play it) ...

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    Capcom Says They Might Consider Porting Devil May Cry 5 to Switch if Dragon's Dogma Sells Well

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 March 2019

    I've been playing it all day today and this is the best DMC I've played since Devil May Cry 1. Hopefully switch owners will get to play it at some point, but I wonder what it will look and perform like when they do port it. The game is butter smooth and beautiful. ...

    Write 60

    I'm 3 Collosi in and hating Shadow of the Colossus - should I persist?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 March 2019

    Spidey is probably one of the reasons why the game is feeling like a slow and sluggish and the controls feel more horrendous that what they are. I tried to get back into AC:Origins after spidey and just couldn't, and AC:C has decent controls. SotC is like an old classic movie like Labyrinth or Dark Crystal. There is a lot of wonder and mystery. There are no big explosions and it is not the...

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    Anthem Review Thread - MC: 61 | OC: 60

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2019

    Wow. Considering its bioware, story is the bit I thought they would have nailed. ...

    Write 55

    The under appreciated Yakuza series - Show your Love

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 February 2019

    I loved these series from a long time ago. This was my way of dealing with the loss of Shenmue. For me, there no other game that comes close to building a believable living world the way Shenmue and Yakuza do. Although people praised the wither for its side quests, yakuza has been given the same amount of appreciation. The variety of gameplay elements along with the story and combat mechanics...

    Write 46

    Bob Iger is Happy With EA's Star Wars Games

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2019

    I don't think they would mention it if they were happy. The reality is they saw how well Spidey did, how it was received by fans and critics and the money it bought in and they have seen what EA had achieved so far. It will be interesting to see what happens when the new gen begins and how that might change things. I would love a star wars action RPG made by Capcom or Platinum. Lighsabers and...

    Write 54

    Will you be getting Anthem??

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2019

    I enjoyed the demo, but my issue with the game was everything felt cluttered and complex. It is something I can get used to I suppose, but at the time it was a bit of putting. Secondly, the story felt absent and moving around in the hub world felt like you were walkin under water. Ill probably get it at some stage when it drops in price, but I'm in no hurry to get it. ...

    Write 27

    Rumor: Batman Arkham Crisis is in development and aims for a 2019 launch + a lot detail about it

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 January 2019

    Sounds like they might be making it similar to God of War reboot where the side quests aren't copy and paste jobs and are more meaningful to flesh out the core story. This would be a good thing especially if they can tie in side quest specific loot. In interested to see how the batwing will fair composted to the batmobile and how much it will impact gameplay. ...

    Write 56

    NetEase Games Acquires Minority Stake in Quantic Dream

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 January 2019

    As much as I like some their games, I'm not too fussed about them going multiplatform. My only concern is that Sony wasn't too bothered if the games they made didn't sell hot. As Yoshida said, they use the big blockbusters to offset losses made on more niche games. QD like hiring actors from Hollywood. I'm not sure what kind of budget they will be given, but going multiplatform, in sure...

    Write 32

    GhostBusters 2020 teaser trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 17 January 2019

    This trailer has more ghostbusters than that horrible slapstick crap we got. The only reason I have faith in this is, the new director is taking over from his dad who made the originals. He himself has said this will be like the originals. Although he has acknowledged it, in really hoping he will bring back the intelligent comedy and seriousness from the originals. ...

    Write 20

    Is Mass Effect: Andromeda THAT bad? Worth a buy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 November 2018

    I bought it for 6.50 on sale on psn earlier this year and loved it. I've played the original trilogy and although this isn't as good as that, got to bare in mind this was setting up a larger story which we probably won't get to see. I put a good 40-50 hours into it doing side quests and exploring. It didn't feel like a grind like when I played far cry 5 or AC Origins. I defo had more fun with...

    Write 146

    Which developer should Sony acquire?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 November 2018

    I dint think they need to buy a new studio ad much as expand on what they have to better utilise talent. They should expand PD by rehiring Evolution lot where they have a shared resource pool. One set of assets being created for two different games. GG missed out big on getting second wind for the KZ universe. GG Cambridge could have made a great KZ game, a series which I still believe...

    Write 34

    Which of the MS-purchased studios do you think will be shut down?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 November 2018

    First I think they won't shut down a studio unless the studio massively under performs. Secondly, I think MS has taken a huge risk with both Compulsion and Ninja Theory and therefor, these two are most likely to be shut down. This won't happen any time soon, it might be 3-10 years from now depending on what projects they have pitched along with the budget, as this will determine what money...

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