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< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:

'member the 90's? I remember.

on 06 September 2018

Very noice! It's one of those things. The few songs from them I've heard, I've liked, but never took the time to explore their work further. Useless fact: Butthole Surfers had a cameo in the movie CB4. The #1 Mockumentary of 1993 by default.

on 06 September 2018

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:

:) I fucking needed that. I ALMOST ate shit today. I didn't swallow, but my god, It was very distressing. I rinsed with super strong salt water, pure lemon juice, cayanne water, and had to floss, brush teeth,and shower after I just flossed, brushed teeth and showered. I went pretty mental. I can't 100% prove it was shit, but it smelled strongly of feces. And the two people who smelled my breath when the object in question was still half chewed in my mouth almost puked.

on 03 September 2018

LOL. Classic Coktoe. How did that even happen?

on 03 September 2018

It was an organic Brazil nut. IDK if it was impossibly rotten, it there was a cavity that something took a dump in. or if the offending substance was on the outside. I eat 1 or 2 every day. Organic nuts have a slightly higher chance of being moldy than there non-organic counterparts. Moldy nuts are bad enough, but this was a whole new level of gross. It took sooo long to get my mouth clean, and get rid of the taste/smell.

on 04 September 2018

< COKTOE updated his status:

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:


Wow dude. Those are some heavy questions. Interesting that the original Japanese has only one question mark. Here, watch this video. I hope it helps.

on 02 September 2018

LOL. That's the guy who did Freddy Got Fingered? I've always wanted to see that movie (and by always I mean just like since a few months ago)

on 02 September 2018

Yep. I posted a vid on your wall of him playing the drums in Japan about a year ago. I only yesterday found his complete MTV run online, ready for download, after searching for years. It's ultra LQ, but it's been difficult to find as it was never released in any format after it aired. I have the Canadian show, the MTV Japan Special and FGF on DVD. Freddy is....not my favorite of his work. I'm guessing you saw the Red Letter video on Freddy got Fingered?

on 02 September 2018

Of course lol.

on 02 September 2018

< jason1637 posted something on COKTOE's wall:

Pepsi > Coke.

Yes.........Yeeeeeeessssssss! It's The Choice Of A New Generation!

on 29 August 2018

Rockstar > Pepsi > water > literal sewage > Coke

on 30 August 2018

Mountain Dew Voltage > Orange Soda > Literal Vivster > Pepsi

on 01 September 2018

Dew is pretty good but I usually stuck yo Pepsi and Red bull.

on 01 September 2018

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Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Announced

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

Mbolibombo said: COKTOE said: Yes, that's pretty much exactly what I meant in my post. It's just branding. But in the absence of a bundled product that has any monetary value, it's just kinda weird. Like if Mcdonald's ran a "Buy a Big Mac, get a FREE cup of tap water" promotion. You can still get that tap water for free anyways. :) Well, the bundled includes 1000 V-cash...

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PlayStation Is UKs Third Most Relevant Brand (Nintendo #11, Xbox #17)

in Sony Discussion 2 hours ago

Ka-pi96 said: eww at #1 being apple. Quite funny that dyson is on there but not hoover though, since hoover is the default name used regardless of brand. It's also used as the verb (eg. I'm hoovering the house). So in the UK, Hoover is the Kleenex of vacuum cleaners?...

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Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Announced

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago

PwerlvlAmy said: COKTOE said: IKR? Aside from essentially functioning as an ad for the game in question, and, I suppose, some cross-brand synergy, it's totally meaningless for the end user. Sony and Nintendo are using the age old product recognition tactic. Its aimed at kids and teens,this specifically anyways. Its for people that will buy this product based off the cover...


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