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< COKTOE updated his status:

Senran Kagura Blast Renewal.

< caffeinade posted something on COKTOE's wall:


I had to use google to translate your hieroglyphics.

3 days ago

What did you extract from my message?

3 days ago

That you're being aloof about one or more things I've done that have displeased you. It it in relation to video games?

3 days ago

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:

is that actually you? i don't think so

Ha. Yes. It's an old avi from before you joined. Former member VGC ReimTime added the "what year is it?!?!".

on 07 July 2018

Couldn't sworn that one of your older (or I guess .. newer) avis had a redish tint to your hair xD

on 07 July 2018

Nope. I had a hat on in my most recent one. Have you ever looked at the avatar index? Goes back to the big site change around....07'? If you have the inclination to look at this list, try to open the images in a new tab, otherwise the page goes back to the top, and with so many avatars, it's a slow train to China as it concerns finding your spot again.

on 07 July 2018

That thing wouldn't even load for me. Just a black screen.

You could totally be Joel from TLOU btw

on 07 July 2018

Wouldn't load eh? That genuinely sucks. The link works fine for me. Thanks for the Joel comparison. :)

on 07 July 2018

Ironically it loaded right when you said that. By the way, as a big playstation fan, what do you think of the whole "Naughty Dog are SJWs" thing? If I may ask? don't want to bother you

on 08 July 2018

Oh geez...I don't really have any strong feelings at this point. I guess I'm fine with things as they are. Actually playing TLOU 2 will help to formulate an opinion. I have a feeling it's going to be a positive experience. In the end, if I think it sucks, I won't shy from touching on the topic. At least if you ask me. I simply don't engage in most threads like I used to. What was presented at E3 didn't bother me at all, but for some reason, the lesbian angle did feel a bit forced...,But it's a hard thing to peg. A minor quibble to be sure. It certainly didn't offend me. As for anything beyond TLOU 2 trailer? The last game they made that I played was TLOU. I have the Ellie DLC on both PS3 and PS4, Uncharted 4, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, but have played none of them yet. Maybe they'll enrage me.

on 08 July 2018

The representations of the females in uncharted 4 and Lost legacy aren't too bad. Nadine is a bad character but it doesn't have to do with her being female.

I guess a more entertaining question would be, what are like your top 5 devs?

on 08 July 2018

That's a super tough question to answer. Like, piss in my evening gown and withdraw from the Miss USA pageant tough. Due to the time frame involved, the sheer number of devs in play, and the fact that devs sometimes crap out and go from great, to not so great, to crappy. I could have said Bioware at one point, ya know? But now? eesh. Same with Bungie. When MS is "better the devil you know", you've fucked up.

I really can't narrow it down. I'll start by make a top 10 for each Japanese prefecture tomorrow morning.

on 08 July 2018

< Scary4Eva posted something on COKTOE's wall:

Yay, we're friends now lol

Gotta get the paperwork done or it's not official. :)

on 14 June 2018


on 14 June 2018

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:


You posted just as I logged out. I still support the site. As a supporter AND an offline lurker. Hardcore. I pay for ads.

on 03 May 2018

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Write 42

Worst video game related adverts

in Gaming Discussion 3 hours ago

CaptainExplosion said: dx11332sega said: This is when I hated Nintendo and Became a Sega fan when I was a kid though this time I like Nintendo I think it's why Australia doesn't like Nintendo as much. XD How about this?   snip "Your parents help you hook it uuup!" ha. I remember that ad, but not that gorgeous bit....

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Worst video game related adverts

in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago

curl-6 said: AngryLittleAlchemist said: Kevin Butler? You don't like Kevin Butler? Nah, always thought he came off as a smug, arrogant jerk, but that's just me. Truth. He was widely beloved. Some really nice choices here. The Daikatana print ad is the my pick for worst. I rather liked the SNES Zelda ad, and love the PS3 Baby. They should bring it back. Maybe...

Write 23

BattleToads Too Soon

in Microsoft Discussion 12 hours ago

DaveTheMinion13 said: Its going to be a small indie game......very very few will go out of their way to buy a console for such a small game. Willing to bet people dont even know Rare isnt the one making it.......and that Dlala is the main dev. Granted no one knows who Dlala is lol Dlala? Terrible name. Worse even than...


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University: I went to Triversity.

Height: 5'10

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Hair colour: Brunette

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Relationship status: Single


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