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< Mospeada21CA posted something on COKTOE's wall:

I am sorry you work in a hostile work environment. #MeToo4Bros

If we all stick together, some day, I will burn down the hospital.

on 22 August 2019

< Immersiveunreality posted something on COKTOE's wall:

Found my cat today when i came home from work,his tail crushed,a wound with maggots on his back,dragging his two back legs and pee and blood everywhere.Did my best to try and let him drink some water and food,he consumed bit of both and after he did lay down for an hour he dragged himself to me just to rub his head against my leg,during that i was busy with trying to find a vet for emergency situations and when i found one my cat was gone again,searched everywhere and in gardens with neighbours,its like he came to say his last goodbye before going to die somewhere lonely.So stupid of me to not lock him inside,could have saved him but instead killed him and he was my best buddy.

Oh my god! Man, that's just just awful. I wish I could say something that would help. That's just a tragic story...How big is you place? Did you search everywhere inside?

I think it is possible that he did come back to say goodbye. Animals do sometime do go off to die...I'm sorry if any of this sounds clinical. I'm absolutely gutted for you. I haven't had an animal companion since our family cat died. He went through a very rough spell at the end, and was in a lot of pain. We had him operated on twice, and even had him on meds, but in the end, we had to have him euthanized.

I guess if anything, I have some idea of what you're going through. Stay strong bro.

on 31 July 2019

Well he came back again, staying up all night to try remove all the maggots i can get and trying to give him some water from time to time,not food since that would be dangerous with the painkillers tomorrow.Sucks that there is no avaible to come to here and that i need to get him in a catbox and move him.

on 31 July 2019

That's good news that he came back. Poor guy is likely confused. Let me know what happens, and best of luck in helping him through this.

on 01 August 2019

Had to let him sleep in,the maggots already perforated his intestines and he was beyond saving.

on 01 August 2019

Too much suffering for the cat that suffered so much already to get home.

on 01 August 2019

Will try to get a kitten next week so the other cat does not have to be lonely for a long time and when my new fence around my garden is placed this month i will make sure the cats do not leave the garden anymore,too much risks involved with letting them outside of them and i'm too attached to my pets to keep losing them and see them suffer.

on 01 August 2019

Will try to get a kitten next week so the other cat does not have to be lonely for a long time and when my new fence around my garden is placed this month i will make sure the cats do not leave the garden anymore,too much risks involved with letting them outside of them and i'm too attached to my pets to keep losing them and see them suffer.

on 01 August 2019

Damn sorry for doublepost,lappy is lagging again :p

on 01 August 2019

No worries about double posts! That sucks so bad that all that had to happen. I can only hope you begin to feel better sooner than later.

on 01 August 2019

< Ganoncrotch posted something on COKTOE's wall:

I'm glad at least someone seen my hopeful addition to the PS4 controller! I was in a proper silly mood and was just thinking... what would be the most wacky thing I could think of. It was either going to be that or a George Foreman opening on the side of it.

A good idea is a good idea. And we already had the Foreman grill last gen. Gotta keep innovating.

on 26 July 2019

oh god yeah... the ps3 phat, I forgot that was designed using the same mold as used in the foreman grills.
Maybe that's how they'll add ps3 backwards compatibility, create an accessory to attack to the ps5 which is a small USB George Foreman Grill... functional too so you can make snacks mid game.

on 26 July 2019

< COKTOE updated his status:

Hotline Miami 2!

< Azzanation posted something on COKTOE's wall:

Hey, site wouldn't let me post.. But thought id reply here. https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/11/18661247/phil-spencer-interview-xbox-project-scarlett-xcloud-e3-2019

Iv been saying this for years and a CEO for a multi-billion dollar company finally comes out and admits it. I must be super smart or psychic.. take your pick :P

I'm aware of that interview, I honestly don't have the strength to talk about this any more though. My only ban in the last 3 or years was over this topic, so no good will come of it. All your fault. :)

on 21 July 2019

Why would you get banned? Its a conversation unless you are being hostile. But will drop it if you want. I dont mind.

on 21 July 2019

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Best Nintendo console

in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago

Jumpin said: I rather look at them in tiers.Good:SNESWiiNESMedium:N64Bad:Wii UGamecube While Gamecube is liked on this forum, I sincerely feel it is the worst major home console released since the Atari 5200. Ooooo! That's a bold statement. I really liked it, but it definitely had it's flaws. Chief among them, it's ( relative to it's competition ) poor 3rd party support. The...

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Rumor: Sony plans to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro at the same time.

in Sony Discussion 10 hours ago

KBG29 said: Random_Matt said: Buy a PS5 and PC, about time consoles stopped trying to be a super computer. shikamaru317 said: This would be a curious move considering that MS supposedly dropped their budget model Lockhart, due to concerns that it would hold back game development with it's lower specs. The only way this would work is if the standard PS5 is as powerful...

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Best Nintendo console

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

curl-6 said: @Intrinsic Here we see that disproportionate (to its actual popularity) amount of love for the GCN demonstrated. :P Personally SNES takes the top spot for me, best combination of great hardware, great first party games, and great third party support. Next the Wii; it made gaming feel fresh and exciting again, has my all time favourite controller, and hosted plenty of gems...


Occupation: Government Worker

Education: I learn almost as much as I forget every day.

University: I went to Triversity.

Height: 5'10

Build: Other

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Brunette

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Relationship status: Single

Website: www.pepsi.com

Favourite Games: Just Cause 2

Favourite Music: Rock and/or Roll

Favourite Films: True Romace

Favourite Books: Digging Up Mother: A Love Story

Favourite Food: Carrots

Hobbies: Skeet Surfing

About Me: Carrots.

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