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< WhatATimeToBeAlive posted something on COKTOE's wall:

Has he been castrated?

Not to my knowledge. :) His dick may or may not be very small. It's a fairly frequently addressed topic on his show.

3 days ago

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:

You like Tosh.0?

I didn't like it at first, and it took a while, even though I legit enjoyed watching some of the episodes at my friend's place over the years. I was won over after a binge watch last summer. It's weird. I was sometimes laughing uncontrollably, but still not watching his show on my own time. But, yeah. I like it.

4 days ago

I can respect that. I've always found him annoying and just unfunny when I see him on TV. The kind of guy that makes me groan audibly. But maybe some day I'll have a realization just like you did! Wouldn't be the first time.

4 days ago

I think I know where you're coming from. It took almost a decade for me. He's a mean cunt. He reminds me of Seth MacFarlane. Taking really unnecessary, tasteless jabs at other people in service of his own ego and insecurities....? I'm no psychologist. :) But I find some of his quips and skits delicious. I've yet to see his stand up.

4 days ago

I don't know if it's so much that he's mean as much as it is that I think his kind of humor from his show (don't know about his stand up) is very much that of an extinct dinosaur. His show is from that era where "America's funniest home videos" were still relevant, and his twist on it is basically just narrating over the videos. I think there's some charm and novelty of sitting in a cozy christmas environment and seeing an old rerun of a bad quality America's Funniest Home Video episode. I don't feel the same about a guy just being an asshole over it. xD but who knows, maybe ill change my mind.

By the way, REALLY enjoying Hitman 2. Then again, I absolutely was shocked at how good Hitman Season 1 was, so I don't know how much that will mean for you since you were disappointed in that one. Wish I could claim to be a long time fan to address concerns but, alas, I can't. Then again I have played a decent amount of Blood Money and I can say, they brought back the suitcase to hide items in, AND they brought back the mini camera in the upper left corner so that you can keep track of events when they pop up (hopefully you know what i'm referring to and I don't sound crazy).

I really love it. Ironically though, I'm starting to realize that releasing even just 7/8 maps at once is overwhelming. Which is funny because I absolutely prefer releasing a full game vs. episodic downloads. But having to learn all these Hitman 2 maps at once is putting a lot of stress on my skills ... they aren't hard per say but I have to learn a lot after just a few weeks ago having just mastered most of Hitman 1's missions.

Needless to say if I master Hitman 2, will probably have to make some kind of thread praising it, given the fact it will sell like dogshit.

4 days ago

Oh! Bro! See, I love comments like this. That Tom Green shit on your wall, The Canterbury Tales...was a cop out. Originally a lengthy post on how down I was down on the Vita and PS, but yet still couldn't buy a Switch.. How it should be a "slam dunk", but I still couldn't buy into it because of the overall infrastructure.. But, I get lazy...I'm glad your're enjoying Hitman (2016 2?) I was only disappointed in certain elements of the last game. Real nitpicking shit from a hardcore fan. I still thought it was a great game. I got my copy of Hitman (2016 2?) on launch day, and am currently deciding between starting it, and an Uncharted 4 plat run, I have have all the UC plats, and UC4 is apparently the easiest in the series to obtain, yet... I really doubt at this point, that I could tweek the unassisted UC4 controls to a point where it could salvage my opinion on the combat. I've tried, and for whatever reason, the gunplay feels like the worst in any Uncharted game to me by a mile. Some of the set pieces, and the very idea of revisiting them, feels like a chore. An unpaid Uncharted internship. It's an unfortunate ending to a series I was otherwise mostly happy to replay on higher difficulty levels. But whadruganndo? All the other elements were top shelf tho. Should probably just start Hitman 2016 2.

4 days ago

Which comment specifically, the Tosh.0 one or the one about Hitman?

Ah damn! Yeah I could see that ... the thing is, the Switch really hasn't overtaken the Vita's very specific market yet. Like, there are a surprising lack of Monster Hunter inspired series on Switch, and I know you enjoy those. Although we are starting to get similar light novels and RPGs as Switch.

Do you have any interest in any Nintendo games? Which ones if so? Or just third party?

Ah, okay, that makes sense! I will say the one thing that sucks about Hitman 2 is that the budget is *so low* they didn't even animate the cutscenes -_- not that I care about the story, lmao, it's hitman.

Eh really? Could've sworn I was complaining about the UC4 gameplay once and you didn't agree. Maybe my complaint was more similar. I do feel like UC4 has this weird issue of the actual AI and mechanics not working well with the concepts of the game. The gunplay is much harder to control because of the lack of aim assist .. yet they expect you to swing around on vines and shoot people like a cartoonish Indiana Jones xD. I remember the AI being really anal about stealth too on Normal.

Go for whichever one you want!

4 days ago

The whole comment. Very meaty.:)

I think the Switch's game lineup, and much of what if offers is really good! I haven't experienced any of it firsthand, but this isn't my first rodeo. It's safe to draw conclusions based on past experience with the devs making games for it, and what the hardware is capable of.

It's the online setup. I've made a few lengthy posts on it in the past. I think it's terrible. If I were able to backup save data locally, I might be able to just ignore the mess of the Nintendo Switch network and use it exclusively as an offline machine. But as it is, I have to pay tribute to what is the most awful online network ever conceived of, simply in order to have security for my save data. Then there's the lack of messaging. And the app/phone thing for voicechat....Insane.

I've always like Nintendo as a dev. I have zero interest in SSB or Mario Kart, but would love to play most of the other stuff they've put out recently. In fact, in spite of my flame post where I referred to the Let's Go! as "Shitty Pokemon", ( :) ), I think it looks fun. I bought into the negative stuff fans were saying about it's content and simplicity well too much. It won't be my last mistake. The Jimpression on it helped.

As for not agreeing about UC4. I think I posted on your wall about how I didn't like the gunplay as soon as I started playing it, and the disagreement was more about UC 1-3, which I liked more than you did. Or we talked about it on my wall. It's on one of our walls. I only began playing it last August, so I should be easy to find. I WILL look at the wall tomorrow! The wall tells all.

3 days ago

< Carl posted something on COKTOE's wall:

Messed up the post. Got it up again. Quote was the right one. Anyway Tread carefully. :)

5 days ago

< COKTOE updated his status:

Wooow. Sony is now retroactively censoring games. Unbelievable. But totally believable.

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on COKTOE's wall:

So, I know that you like GTAV a lot. Are you going to be buying Red Dead Redemption 2? I'm guessing the answer is going to be something like "No, i'm too busy with my backlog" :P I got it. Not far enough in to make a judgment on it though. I will say I REALLY wish that Rockstar would make a game with good shooting mechanics ... lol

Haa ha. :) Yeah, the backlog thing. I saw you online yesterday trying it out. Let me know what you think of it.

on 27 October 2018

I don't even buy most big time games like GOW or RDR2 on launch day anymore. It's not like they'll be difficult to find later like some smaller games are.

on 27 October 2018

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