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< COKTOE updated his status:

I haven't seen Endgame yet. One of those awful "around the network" bullshit links from Zergnet that are feature here on VCG just fucked me with a major spoiler. Amazing. So happy right now.

Ugh. Fucking sucks. Sorry man

on 10 May 2019

No worries. I'm waiting to see it with a friend coming to visit who worked on it. He worked on Deadpool 2 too At least it was something expected. Something that was long speculated on and made sense both within the dogma of the MCU and in the trappings of the real world. So it's not big shock in the least. But still. Jesus Tapdancing Christ...Those fuckers at Zergnet have links that go beyond clickbait and venture into striaght up lies. I've been morbidly fascinated by their very existence for years.

on 10 May 2019

So how's Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain?

I didn't buy it and 50/50 at best that I will. I said back in December that I'd probably be playing EDF 5 until April, and here we are. :) If it were a proper EDF game, I'd probably buy it. As it is, EDF: Iron Rain is similar to EDF Insect Armageddon: A game with the EDF name on it, made by a different dev in an attempt to appeal to a western audience.

It looks like a decent enough game, and I do love online co-op, but Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is probably my next main, while I keep on with EDF 5 to 100% completion, and playing with friends to help them finish as well.

For the record, I have completed 2216 out of 2220 online missions, not including the 2 dlc packs or the single player missions I've done. At approx 510 hours as of last night. It's the only game I've played since I started it on launch week last December. Although that's partially because I can't even look at my mem card destroying Vitas.

on 17 April 2019

So, what's your favorite Radiohead track this week?

Hm, I watched reviews of EDF: Iron Rain and it doesn't sound toooo different or casualized, but then again some of the stuff like less enemies on screen sound like they would be a major blow to the fans of the game.

I'm playing Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4 right now. I'm guessing you really like the game since you're a big Vita guy. I have to be honest, though, I'm very much iffy on it. Kind of a love hate relationship. The concept is great and some of the challenge missions are quite fun, but mannnnnnnnnn do you have to fight with the controls. More specifically the camera. It sucks too because the concept of an action game with as much crazy platforming as gravity rush is truly unique. But unfortunately those two genres are the ones that rely on great cameras the most.

on 20 April 2019

I am going to try, or at least try to try, to start the horrific process of sorting out my Vita problems. It's a bit of a coincidence....Gravity Rush was going to be my next main Vita game. I had just started Papers Please, and had Gravity Rush out of my cabinet, planning to start it. I chose it because it was both long overdue, and it was already opened. :) It's actually on my trophy list at 0%, but I never started it. Of course....I also have the PS4 version. Also never played it. Wonder if the control is much different on the 2 systems?

Some friends, EDF friends, were trying to sell me on Iron Rain. And one other friend who was kinda down on it has changed his opinion somewhat. But I just started a new Neptunia game today, and am still playing EDF 5 even though I got my precious 100% completion. I think you're correct. Not tooooo different or casualized, but there enemy count in any given mission is def lower. Quite a few other differences as well. But yeah, it still an EDF game at it's core.

No Radiohead recently tbh. :(

This is my newest fav song.


It's a secret. Ssshhhhhh.. You have to follow the link.

on 21 April 2019

Tell me how that goes! I wish I was as attached to a specific console as you (not being funny). I often find myself finishing a game and not knowing what I should play next, my PC, Switch, or PS4.

I finished Gravity Rush. Not great or anything, but I started to enjoy it more towards the end. I actually like the way the story progressed, even if it felt very rush and sort of one note. There's a certain idea that happens towards the middle of the game that's cool.

I'm playing Iconoclasts right now and it's very good! It does have some problems but it's great overall. That is on Vita, don't know if you've played it.

By the way, I know we talked about it a bit, but have you actually played Nier Automata, or were you just making a joke about 2B's ass? : P

Hm, that song is cool! It kind of sounds to me like if you took the singer of Swans and made him a younger indie singer.

I didn't realize I've heard a song from them before ... they made that famous Borderlands song.

on 26 April 2019

Where to start? Ha.

I have yet to play Nier Automata, but 2B has a famous ass. I saw a YT video about it around launch week. Probably from a link here at VGC. Famous!

I discovered Cage The Elephant in 2014. Well, that's when I took note of their name and started listening to more of their tracks. Technically, I heard them first in Borderlands too. :)

I have Iconoclasts on Vita, although I can't remember if I bought it or it's a PS+ game. Cyberdimension Neptunia is growing on me as I've adapted to the combat system, and I always enjoy the writing. The idea that I won't be able to experience new games in this series on PS any more has crept into my head as was playing it a few times, I might be done with Playstation. Aside from my PS+ sub, and maintenance ( new controllers, and the like ), I'm not buying any more games, It's the future I always dreamed of: Thinking all the platforms suck, and choosing the one which sucks the least. A very difficult choice!

on 30 April 2019

Ever played Dead Rising?

Only the demo. Back when i still sometimes played demos. I was impressed, but never got around to trying it before I sold my XB360.

on 07 April 2019

It's really great! But then again I tend to have odd taste in games. Not sure you'd like it, especially now since it's old and not really relevant haha

on 07 April 2019

I had to look it up to see if was even available on current platforms. It's unlikely I'll get to play it unfortunately. There's still some interest, but my word, I'm so far behind. There's so many first party PS4 games I've never tried from this gen. And the slightly mental thing is... I'm thinking my next main game is going to be the remaster of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. So....It's Capcom!

on 07 April 2019

Lol! Never played Dragon's Dogma. Well .. I played some of it on PC. But I didn't realize at the time that there was a big picture mode that made the PS4 controller feel buttery smooth on Steam (it basically converts Dualshock 4 inputs to be the same inputs as Xbox inputs for ports where the company only added native Xbox controller support/inputs).

I'm having a hard time deciding what my next game is going to be, too. I've actually done a decent job of finishing games since february. I'd like to keep that streak up. Don't know what to pick though.

on 07 April 2019

Kill the baby

The baby appears to be immortal.

on 28 March 2019

< spurgeonryan posted something on COKTOE's wall:

How much did that Under armor headband cost pimp?

Sorry....Mr. Pimp Coktoe.

I used a coupon and got it for free with the sunglasses.

on 07 March 2019

I was promised a good story, and got a Great one instead!

Thank you.

on 07 March 2019

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Dear Nintendo: THIS Is How You Make The Switch BETTER

in Nintendo Discussion 6 hours ago

Mnementh said: COKTOE said: Looking forward to seeing how the new models of the Switch shake out. Which new models? Nintendo is already going out of their way and explaining their E3 direct has no hardware announcements. Well, whenever it, or they, arrive. There will be some kinda revision eventually. ...

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VGC Thread Guidelines

in Website Topics 6 hours ago

TalonMan said: COKTOE said: I can't quote you CGI, something really odd happens when I try. But for the record, I do prefer the dark one. I find it much easier to read. I'm going to guess it's because CGI used embedded images in his post - and because of the size of the image(s) it takes the editor a good bit longer to load... RolStoppable said: TalonMan should update...

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Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Trailer [May 24 - June 6]

in Sony Discussion 9 hours ago

! I didn't even know that Nioh 2 was a thing. First one is in the ol' backlog. Maybe.....someday. :) ...


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