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Write 55

I never played The Legend of Zelda without a walkthrough before. Am I the only one?

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

Since I pretty much never complete any Zelda game 100% I do not use a guidem...

Write 230

Playstation 4 has sold-through 30.2 million units worldwide

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

Sony "sold" or is it Shipped?...

Write 121

Turkey shoots down Russian warplane - 1 Russian marine confirmed death, 1 pilot confirmed death

in Politics Discussion 4 days ago

So the turks shot down the plane and the syrian rebels shot the pilot while he was using his parachute?...

Write 52

Skyward Sword HD with standard controls: What would have to be changed?

in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

I like motion control but this game needed an option to use regular control. I could never finish this game beacuse the controls wore me out. When I play big action/adventure games that take 30+ hours to beat I want to relax playing games on the couch with pillows and blankets for a few hours at the time wich I never could with Zelda SS....

Write 19

Hackers vs. terrorists: ISIS says Anonymous are ‘idiots’ for declaring war

in Politics Discussion on 17 November 2015

Well they have exposed some ISIS accounts so they aren't total "idiots"...

Write 94

Why FFVII Remake Should Keep Turn-Based Battles

in Gaming Discussion on 17 November 2015

If not turnbased me no buy....

Write 37

Locking for being another NX thread

in Gaming Discussion on 14 November 2015

Specc has nothing to do with what "gen" it is......

Write 37

Locking for being another NX thread

in Gaming Discussion on 14 November 2015

God not this again.......

Write 140

Does the new Zelda HD (Wii U) looks better than E32014 as promised by Aonuma?

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 November 2015

well atleast Link look a bit too flat chested to be a girl ....

Write 142

Nintendo censors out the 'Bust slider' from your character creator in Xenoblade X

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 November 2015

If this little thing keeps you for buying the game... you have bigger issues to deal with......

Write 102

Star Fox Zero looks better now

in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2015

And some think Nintendo push the release to a later date just so they can piss people off. They do it for a REASON....

Write 58

Nintendo gamers, would you even buy Black ops 3 if it came to the Wii U?

in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2015

Nope the userbase will never be big enough to warrant a buy....

Write 24

If I were an american sports fan i would be pissed.

in Sports Discussion on 03 November 2015

Only 16 games in NFL? Not including play-off games then I guess. 16 isn't much compared to other sports....

Write 58

Top 25 companies by game Revenue - Microsoft over Sony and Nintendo a distant 12th

in Sales Discussion on 03 November 2015

Pretty meaningless until we see the actuall profit. I remember Sony few years agofor example having huge revenue in the billions yet in the end ended up losing money....

Write 170

Does the removal of lingerie outfits from Fatal Frame in the West annoy you at all?

in Nintendo Discussion on 02 November 2015

Some of you need to grow the *beep* up....

Write 179

Nintendo made potato-chan a midget [Xenoblade X censorship]

in Nintendo Discussion on 30 October 2015

If you are upset by this you need to seek help.....

Write 97

Nintendo can't even release a mobile game on time

in Nintendo Discussion on 29 October 2015

So you want them to release a broken game then?...

Write 123


in Movies Discussion on 20 October 2015

Must be Fox News behind this......

Write 81

I think my Amiibo addiction is a bit out of control.

in Gaming Discussion on 19 October 2015

If you keep them unpacked they gonna earn that money back serveral times over in 20 years time :)...

Write 73

Yet another Hugh Jackson movie crash and burns - Pan cost 150 million just to develop, makes 15 million this weekend!

in Movies Discussion on 15 October 2015

Don't blame Hugh for this...

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