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Write 41

Man Beats Bloodborne in 44 Minutes

in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago

No matter how fast people manage to beat a game with exploits I will never be impressed by it....

Write 168

Nintendo needs a Direct, NOW.

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

Seriously this Nintendo slamming is starting to piss me off. They will release Zelda when they are f**king ready to and not before so take a chill pill will ya. I never seen so much silly outrage like this announcement before... not even Square got this much crap for delaying their games with 3-5 years....

Write 98

Whats More Shocking Than Zelda U's Delay? The Nintendo Fans >_>

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

Jesus christ it's isn't the end of the world. 1 year is nothing. (unless for some strange reason it's Nintendo who delay a game )...

Write 74

Xenoblade Chronicles X or Bloodborne?

in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2015

X Have no interest in blooborne at all....

Write 44

I finally bought Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch UPDATE: Boss 1 Beaten!

in Sony Discussion on 21 March 2015

One of the best RPG's on PS3.. almost like an old school rpg... Unlike FFXIII this has a good story, a big world, and much less linear. best of all it has a "overworld"...

Write 43

Sony Santa Monica Has No Plans for More God of War PS4 Remasters; Explains Why Remasters Are Made

in Sony Discussion on 21 March 2015

Guess part 3 demand less resources to improve then part 1 or 2. It's all about the money....

Write 199

Sadly, I'm Just Not Sure Nintendo Can Impress Me Anymore

in Nintendo Discussion on 21 March 2015

You can never be to old for Nintendo games. If you claim you are then you are probably to young to play Nintendo games....

Write 360

God of War III Remastered coming to PS4 July 14th - screens and trailer

in Sony Discussion on 20 March 2015

Jesus christ atleast give it 10 years before you "remaster" it or else it just feel like an easy cash grab. ...

Write 90

Cliff Bleszinski laughs at Nintendo opening to mobile market

in Nintendo Discussion on 18 March 2015

you mock what you fear...

Write 116

Final Fantsasy 15 is CLASSIC FF

in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2015

If the battlesystem is as easy and boring as FFXIII I'm going to be pissed off. And I'm most definitely going to be pissed off if I die and then start over right next to the battle wich in FFXIII destroyed any exitement....

Write 149

The Game Of The Decade so far

in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2015


Write 102

What has happened to Zelda this generation?

in Nintendo Discussion on 12 March 2015

tbone51 said: Mythmaker1 said:Considering the quality of their recent entries, I'm fine with them sticking to remakes. ALBW? A Link Between Worlds...

Write 267

Obama's Continued War on Human Rights

in Politics Discussion on 07 March 2015

Hmm why cant I see the youtube video im posting..   ohh well heres the link If you get offended by this you are probably one o the 10% he's mentioning in this clip  ...

Write 267

Obama's Continued War on Human Rights

in Politics Discussion on 07 March 2015

nm screwed up the post...

Write 133

The Amazing Fashion of Xenoblade Chronicles X (21 Screenshots)

in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2015

Those complaining about the graphics are just bitter that they can't play it when it's released. you do know that every games doesnt have to have ultra ultra realistic graphics to be good... Xenoblade characters wasn't made to be ultra realistic. If you don't like don't F-ing play it... go back and play your 5-10 hour game with maybe 4 hours of gameplay while "we" who doesnt need super...

Write 208

BraLoD catching up with the classics: Final Fantasy 8

in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2015

If you ever get the chance you should play this game.           <------------- Got one of the most epic stories ever told....

Write 63

Is 900K FW for Majora's mask 3D a success?

in Nintendo Discussion on 20 February 2015

Ohh I can think of one or two or even three names that would call this a failure :)...

Write 110

Xenoblade Chronicles X: 3 New Videos! (Never Seen Before) + Pics of Character Customizations! Also MORE OVERWORLD PICS!!!

in Nintendo Discussion on 12 February 2015

Thos who's complaining about that it looks kinda grey or brownish you really need to see that 24 min video that's been released with english subs... so far the world as we know it consist of 4 HUGE areas from open plains to marsh/djungle to desert to volcanic mountains....

Write 131

The WiiU hasnt spawned one successful new IP

in Sales Discussion on 28 January 2015

When you have 100+ Ip's you don't need to create new ones.... how many do Sony and MS have? first party that is......

Write 68

Is the 3DS a failure?

in Nintendo Discussion on 23 January 2015

In a world were almost everyone have a iphone/ipad or android device it's not a failure, it's not the biggest success either but most certainly not a failure. For the Vita it sure is....

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