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The Witcher 3 Is Not Fun To Play (But I Was Wrong!)

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

I liked part 2...loving part 3 so far... been playing for almost 15 hours...and haven't gone far in the main story... this world is so freaking huge and I'm only on the second map... soo much to do way way way more then witcher 2 ever had. 2 hour main quest 4 hour side quest and repeat. it will probably rival skyrim with the amount of stuff to do....

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Graphical progress on Wii U so far

in Nintendo Discussion on 16 May 2015

Sooo much color. very pleasing to the eye....

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Why all this negativity about Sony, all of a sudden?

in Gaming Discussion on 16 May 2015

Try being on the other side, what Sony get is nothing compared to what Nintendo has to suffer....

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What's the worst priced game you have seen?

in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2015

Turkish said:Most Nintendo games, like years later they're still 60 bucks LMAO! Nintendo holding on to stock for dear life so scalpers have a field day when they stop producing them. Seriously you need to seek help...Enough is enough Nintendo games keep their prices longer then any other publisher for the sole reason that they sell for years, they are not frontloaded as other 3rd...

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Francis RAGES Wave 4 Amibo, Talks Business, Why Nindendo Is Failing

in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2015

Turkish said:Before the amiibos came out I KNEW Nintendo would understock them and give rise to ridiculous scalpers and resellers. Nintendo is so predictable, these are just $12 toys man, just produce a shit ton and give everyone the chance to play with them. But no, they had to satisfy the scalpers again like they always do. And here it comes... so predictable....

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Francis RAGES Wave 4 Amibo, Talks Business, Why Nindendo Is Failing

in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2015

baloofarsan said: Nintendo have sold +10,5 million amiibos since november 2014, that is roughly six months. There are 29 different amiibos as of february 2015. Nintendo have produced, in average, more than 60,000 copies of every amiibo every month (that is 2000 handpainted toys every day - times 29 different toys). To ramp up this production to meet this unexpected demand is probably not...

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Lord Satan, I watched your movie! Mad Max was.....interesting....may I go to valhalla now?

in Movies Discussion on 15 May 2015

It was decent... perfect popcorn movie. I now have a new favorite movie character after seeing this movie. The gitarr player is the new hero for me :)...

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Why Are You An Atheist?

in Politics Discussion on 10 May 2015

  Pretty much this.  ...

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why is it that the overwhelming majority of games on PS4/X1 presented like movies?

in Gaming Discussion on 09 May 2015

Beacuse they want to distract you from poor gamplay mecanics/ poor framerates/ lackluster story/ short game/ etc etc... been done since 1997 when CGI became mort important the the game itself....

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Splatoon... could be great. Motion controls are terrible, Nintendo online shenanigans etc

in Gaming Discussion on 09 May 2015

This is f**king hilarious....

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97+ Metacritic Games Elimination Game. //THE WINNER HAS WON

in Gaming Discussion on 04 May 2015

+OoT -MP...

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BraLoD catching up with the classics: Final Fantasy 9 (finished)

in Sony Discussion on 02 May 2015

Have you played Xenogears? If they didn't f**k up the second disc beacuse of budget cuts this game would be even better then the masterpiece it is now. ...

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Which game has the most realistic looking water?

in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2015

Wave Race 64...

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So, I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time...

in Nintendo Discussion on 26 April 2015

Xenoblade is the best game released in the 7:th gen. Nothing comes even close. The story is everything but cliche...

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Sucker Punch's new PS4 game pushing for 'jaw-dropping visuals'

in Sony Discussion on 23 April 2015

More importantly is it good? does it have great controls?does it have a good story? is it a long game ?etc etc you know stuff that actually mean something in the end instead of 30/60 fps or 900/1080/4k scale...

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Why cant we just have Religion and Atheism live in Harmony?

in Politics Discussion on 19 April 2015

Beacuse unlike religion "we" atheists doesn't try and force our "belief" or the lack thereoff on others nor do we start wars beacuse of it....

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Xenoblade Chronicles X has data installs to speed up game

in Nintendo Discussion on 11 April 2015

Meeh I got room on my 1.5 TB external HD....

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Needs to be on another system

in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2015

Want to play it? buy a Wii-U, it's that simple. Same with Bloodborne for an example... want to play it? buy a PS4....

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Nintendo should be cooler.

in Nintendo Discussion on 09 April 2015

You can't be cool if you try to be cool.. either you are or you are not....

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Xenoblade Chronicles X will have paid DLC quests

in Nintendo Discussion on 07 April 2015

Of all the DLC I have bought only Nintendo's have been worth it....

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