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    Will VC and Wiiware get a price cut?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 November 2009

    What about a price cut though for older games? Will this ever happen do you think?...

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    Five years of the DS - Which have been your Favorite Games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2009

    In no particular order:Elite Beat AgentsPicrossRune FactoryPokemon Diamond/PearlAnimal CrossingThese are the games i have probably put the most hours into. They are not necessarily the best, but definitely engaging enough have kept me playing for hours and hours. ...

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    IGN playing unannounced Nintendo title next week, not a "B game"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 October 2009

    NPC Pikmin 2 or NPC: Super Mario Sunshine. Lets be honest, Nintendo is not going to take a huge new game to IGN for a hands-on trial that has not yet been announced. Unless ofcourse, it has already come out in som form or another. Maybe NPC: Pikmin 1 and 2 on one disk. ...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 13 October 2009

    I love how Nintendo almost did not make the list for re-using characters in some games, while EA Canada scores higher for making the exact same game year after year. Then again, its pretty impressive that Nintendo made a list of best PS3 developers, which is what the list in fact is. ...

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    NoE Cryptically describes Demo Play

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 October 2009

    i could have really used this feature in MP3. ...

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    NOA Comments on 4.2 issues

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 October 2009

    i have a non modded Wii. Updated and have absolutely no issues. ...

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    DSi or DSLite? I've made my choice...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 September 2009

    I am finally going to make the upgrade from my dsl to a dsi this holiday. I don't play GB games, my internet provider does not support WEP, and i can't wait to fiddle around with flipnote studio. So thats my mind made up. But to each his own i guess. ...

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    yay I beat Pikmin!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2009

    pikmin 2 is definitely harder ....and longer btw...

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    Pachter: Wii PRICE CUT to $199 no later than November!!

    in Sales Discussion on 08 September 2009

    i think November would be a perfect time for a price cut. ...

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    A Boy and His Blob PAX trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2009

    This game looks like it will be fun, but i have this feeling it is going to bomb. ...

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    Are you gonna buy Mario & Luigi and/or Scribblenauts?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2009

    Scibblenauts is a day 1 buy for me. Mario and Luigi is a maybe, but its got tough competition this year....

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    We have completly missed Ds this year...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 September 2009

    ScribblenautsProfessor LaytonKingdom HeartsMario and Luigi...

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    22% of VG Chartz Thinks Wii IS DOOMED --- WHY?!!

    in Sales Discussion on 31 August 2009

    Its called wishful thinking. ...

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    How Come Mario Galaxy Didn't Sell More?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2009

    I have lent out my copy quite a few times, as i am sure others have. People are less likely to lend out a multiplayer game, as you can always pull it out again when you have friends over....

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    Which of Nintendo's 3 Big 2009 Wii Titles will sell the most?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 August 2009

    Wii Sports Resort will easily outsell both. Wii Fit Plus probably will not be the hit the first was considering its pretty much the same game with a new interface. New Super Mario Bros will probably sell somewhere in between the two. ...

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    Wii owners only: Which HD console would you buy? (Part 2)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 August 2009

    I just don't like most games on the HD twins. Had an Xbox but it collected dust. I also can't ever imagine going back to the old-fashioned controllers!!! Maybe i will go HD again when the new controllers come out. Not before then!!...

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    Will the wii relinquish it's weekly WW sales crown over the next few week?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 August 2009

    I think the PS3 will outsell the Wii for a few weeks. ...

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    "Nintendo of America needs to STFU"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 August 2009

    I just read the article for the second time. Here's a summary of what i read:"I don't like casual games. I don't like the Wii. I ripped off Nintendo by selling my second hand Wii for above market price. And, now, even though i do not even own a Wii, it pisses me off that Nintendo is not making games that I like. I cannot believe that Nintendo dares show their face in public after that abismal E3...

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    how will metroid prime trilogy do?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 August 2009

    I think it will sell a lot less. Maybe 250,000 this year in the US. ...

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    Who is your favourite nintendo character?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 August 2009

    My favorite characters are the Pikmin....

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