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    PixelPerfect Midterms are here but all I want to do is play Dragon Ball.
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    EVO 2018 games revealed

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2018

    Kinda strange to see Cross Tag Battle getting in over Central Fiction (game's not even out yet and I'd rather see more CF), but other than that, pretty solid lineup. RIP Mahvel...

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    [Voting closed] VgChartz Top 50 Video Game Soundtracks

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2018

    1. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker 2. Persona 5 3. Xenoblade Chronicles 4. Mario Kart 8 5. Undertale 6. GGXrd Rev 2 7. Nier Automata 8. Bastion 9. Pokemon Soulsilver 10. Super Mario 64...

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    Stage 1 - Round 8 - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 January 2018

    5p - Boom 4p - mZuzek 3p - Rol 2p - Bristow 1p - tbone...

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    Nintendo and Sonic on Twitter...

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2017

    Platina said: I blame PixelPerfect for this D: Don't go pinning this on me.  No one could have predicted this tragedy ...

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    So what did you name your Persona 5 main character?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 April 2017

    I just gave him my own name because I'm boring like that :-P...

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    Fav Persona 5 Waifu?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2017

    Yusuke no questions asked I don't care Top 3 are Futaba, Makoto and Kawakami ...

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    What will you do after you're dead?

    in General Discussion on 26 February 2017


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    Who has never been moderated?

    in General Discussion on 17 February 2017

    I haven't yet, though that probably just comes from being inactive for 2 years :-P...

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    Tell us your last three games played and would you recommend them?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2017

    1. ) Va-11 Hall-A (PC) - Interesting cyberpunk setting with well integrated world building mixed with interesting character studies and a wide variety of unique characters that you serve at the bar. Also an interesting non-linear progression system that changes dialogue depending on drinks you give or alcohol supplied. Recently finished and my only gripe is that I wish I didn't have to play...

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    Fire Emblem Heroes Friend IDs and Tips

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 February 2017

    I was able to get the 2*Narcian but I don't think I have a team equipped for the 3 star. Seems like something like a tank would work best....

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    Fire Emblem Heroes Friend IDs and Tips

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 February 2017

    ID: 1616650467 I somehow got 6 5* units in 3 multi-draws :-P Currently trying to finish all the story missions on lunatic and grind feathers for a 5* Fae...

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    Has anyone picked up Fire Emblem Heroes yet?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 February 2017

    It's been pretty fun when I've played it, though I was a stickler for units and ended up rerolling for better units for almost 4 hours. Gameplay is fun and items don't seem too sparse other than hero feathers. Looking forward to the types of events we're gonna get...

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    Unofficial art tournament

    in General Discussion on 28 January 2017

    Might hop in later on but I still don't really have any art that I'd say is worth showing and school has kept me from really practicing much :-P...

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    Judging a Game From It's Beginning? & Great Games With Slow/Poor Beginnings

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2017

    Kind of a weirder one to point out but the newer Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons have had that hard to get through introduction segments before you really have much freedom to do anything. I started playing Story of Seasons recently and it almost took me 4 hours before I got past the tutorial and even then, there was extra stuff I had to sit through and accomplish before I was let loose. Weirder...

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    VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2016 - Stage 2 - Round 7

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 January 2017

    3p - Super_Boom 2p - uran10 1p - TruckOSaurus...

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    Your most anticipated Switch game... outside of Zelda :P

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 January 2017

    Xenoblade 2 at this point with Mario Odyssey in a close second. Shout outs also to No More Heroes 3 but we don't have enough information on it for me to get too excited...

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    Aonuma says Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn’t have an option for dual audio

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2017

    Not a huge deal for me personally but still wish it would be an option. English VA didn't really sell me...

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    Ori and the Blind Forest?

    in PC Discussion on 05 January 2017

    I've been kinda interested in it. Have seen a few gameplay videos but haven't really gone out of my way to get it (the soundtrack is amazing though)...

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    The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Round 2, Match 1

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 November 2016

    10p - Mawile 9p - Palkia 8p - Sylveon 7p - Espurr 6p - Milotic 5p - Ditto 4p - Politoed 3p - Quilava 2p - Empoleon 1p - Froakie...

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    The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Round 1, Match 22

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 October 2016

    10p - Quilava 9p - Pancham 8p - Larvesta 7p - Sneasel 6p - Latias 5p - Drifloon 4p - Illumise 3p - Goodra 2p - Slowbro 1p - Roserade...

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