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    Other (I'm going to take some of your advice from this post - - You say that a mod team should keep conflict as low as possible between users. Looking at the forum over the last year and a half to two years, *you* have been directly in the middle of a huge portion of our "conflict". Time and time again your name is brought to our attention for various reasons. You have a long history of trolling and baiting, this is particularly strong in sales threads, where your actions have often ruined discussion. You have a long history of being difficult in the mod thread, often times coming with no real arguments and just simply ignoring what's being said to you. You have a history of bugging people in PM's to the point where you've had multiple moderations for it. You have a long history of creating and inviting conflict with specific users on the forum, from Chazore to tbone 51 and more recently Miyamotoo, where your "conflict" has consistently ruined threads. General forum-goers are tired of your antics and the mod team as a whole is tired of your antics. In short, when we're talking about keeping conflict low, the solution to this problem is to remove the cause of the conflict. YOU are the cause of conflict. You can't stay out of trouble and you can't stop creating trouble. You're disruptive, you're problematic. I propose a test - You, the cause of so much conflict, will be removed from the forum for a Month. Let's see how smooth the forum and discussion runs without your influence. Let's see how many problems arise on the forums without Kerotan.) ~ Carl2291

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    < Flilix posted something on Kerotan's wall:

    What is Kermit getting arrested for?

    Being green. If I was a white frog I'd be OK.

    on 04 March 2018

    < EricFabian posted something on Kerotan's wall:

    hi little frog, do you have an account on resetera?

    Howdy partner. Maybe I do... Why you ask?

    on 17 January 2018

    because I'm trying to sign up, but they don't accept my gmail neither my outlook. Do you know what email client should I use?

    on 17 January 2018

    A paid work or college email will do. It's a stupid system that discriminates against a large subset of society.

    on 17 January 2018

    < barneystinson69 posted something on Kerotan's wall:

    That new avatar XD

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Kerotan's wall:

    Yo Kero, do you play FIFA?


    on 12 January 2018

    But... you're European? :(

    on 12 January 2018

    I but 1 fifa per gen and only play it when people are over in my house

    on 12 January 2018

    "But you're european"
    Dammit Kapi. XD

    on 12 January 2018

    Well maybe you should play it with your vgc homies too ;)

    And @ Darwin, it's simple logic. If somebody is European and plays games then them playing FIFA is a safe bet :)

    on 12 January 2018

    Soccer isn't the main sport in Ireland so I don't feel the same love as the rest of Europe

    on 12 January 2018

    Well the gaelic games don't have a video game so... :P

    on 12 January 2018

    They do. On the ps2 and it's possibly the worst sports game ever made. Yet every kid in the country bought it the year it released lol. Look it up on YouTube, it's shocking.

    on 12 January 2018

    < COKTOE posted something on Kerotan's wall:

    I couldn't figure out how to post a screenshot from the PS4 to get that GTA 3 screenshot posted in your thread. I assume there's a way, but the regular way of doing it didn't work.

    Upload it to imgur?

    on 27 December 2017

    Yeah, Copy it to flash drive, put it in a pc, then upload. I was so beat, and still had work to do, so I didn't take those steps. I will do it next time I'm home in a couple days.

    on 27 December 2017

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    Write 3371

    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Feedback on 07 March 2018

    RolStoppable said: Kerotan said: This is why anonymity for reported posts should be respected. It's now created conflict in the mediacreate thread. I did the right thing by not naming who I was referring to when bringing it up here and this is why. I'm sure the mods would prefer as little conflict as possible on this site but things like that only make it worse. ...

    Write 92

    Japan sales (Week 9): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - February 26 - March 04, 2018

    in Latest Charts on 07 March 2018

    NoCtiS_NoX said: Sony commenting about the Shortage for PS4 and the shortage is because of MHW. I think Sony was caught off guard as well with Monster Hunter effect. I think the whole world was to be honest. Can't say capcom didn't warn us though. They even mentioned it in the title. World domination for the title.   ...

    Write 113

    Monster Hunter: World Ships 7.5 Million those Legiana! (Best selling Capcom game in history)

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2018

    Alkibiádēs said: Kerotan said: We all expected ps4 to get many 10m sellers this gen but monster Hunter was not one of them. This will sell on ps4 for years especially as the price lowers. 10m is doable.  Yeah crazy to think. The dedicated handheld market is almost gone with the 3ds on its last legs. The future is on consoles  pc and hybrids.  The best...


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