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    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Rooting for you guys right now

    Such bad luck.
    Cup got too boring now.

    on 06 July 2018

    Yeah, i dont even know who to root for now...

    on 06 July 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Im thinking about playing Disgaea 2 on PC since the complete edition has DLC that the "Dark Hero Days" doesnt have.

    But at the same time i feel more at home wiht a DS4, and yeah i get it that there are ways to get the DS4 to work with PC but doing so is a headache (i know from experience...).

    However you do, you are in for a treat.

    on 03 July 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:


    I beated Disgaea 5 a couple of days ago and there is sooo much i want to say about it that im thinking of just sendind it through a PM because this format on the wall is just too small and there is a "couple" of pictures i want to use.

    And that was just about the base game of Disgaea 5, because you see i waited to beat the game before i used all the DLC characters from the previous games and now that i have unlocked almost all of them, i have SOO much more to say!, about characters i didnt knew (mostly from Disgaea 3) and about how the Overload system has affected dramatically some of these characters.

    So i just wanna warn you that one of this days you are gonna get a BIG BOOK as a PM with a lot of Disgaea in it (LOL).

    And before i finish this i want to say that i was looking forward to finally playing with Rozalin (who is a character i have always liked), since i love her character design, the fact that she is a vampire and what little i saw of her personality in the DLC chapter was pretty charming as well.

    Not to mention she is (gameplay wise) one of the best characters in the game, her Overload combined with her unique evilities makes her one of the highest damage dealers in the game, not to mention she has more unique skills than the vast majority of characters in the game, (even more than the Disgaea 5 characters except for Killia who has the same amount).

    BUT just after i unlocked her i saw her in the Pocket Netherworld and i decided to talk to her and read all her dialogues... and she straight ups says something about her overload that goes somewhat like this:

    "About my Overload... no, its better if we dont talk about it"

    Which obviously peaked my interest and THANKFULLY i was looking at some reviews of the DLC characters and the guy doing the review of Rozalin says something along the lines of

    "I hope you have played Disgaea 2 because BIG SPOILERS..."

    and thats when i looked away and stopped reading... well holy fuck now i have to go and play Disgae 2 before enjoying the post game of Disgae 5.

    Disgaea 2 is dope, play it asap.
    Make sure to get the worst ending while you are at it.
    Rozalin and Adell are quite different from the other Disgaea chars, also both are really stylish.

    on 02 July 2018

    I didnt even knew there were different endings lol, i dont know how you get each but i will learn as i play.

    Good to know though since now im gonna rotate my saves more and keep a lot of them in order to get the different endings.

    And i did notice that Rozalin and Adell arent nearly as crazy and over the top as Mao, Laharl or Valvatorez, i guess all the craziness in that game concentrated itself and went into Axel.

    on 02 July 2018

    All Disgaea games have multiple endings depending on what you let/make happen during the story.
    Don't worry about saves, you can pick up another playthrough as soon as you reach an ending and all your stuff (including levels and reincarnations) will keep the same as when you finished, you just need to play back to meet and get your main chars back.
    Disgaea 2 is also particular on that front, because of the Fellony system, which I won't explain so you can get to know by playing the game, it's only on Disgaea 2.
    Play the game for the normal/good ending without looking at anything, then get back and play it again doing the necessary to get the worst ending, looking at a guide if you may, no rush though, play it normally the first time.

    on 03 July 2018

    < Alex_The_Hedgehog posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Vazaram imagens do Call of Duty: Bahia

    BR eh BR mesmo kkkk

    on 01 July 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    suffering from extreme LoDing disorder

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