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    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    I wrote a book lol (sorry).

    Forgot to tell you that i beated Nioh two weeks ago, but i do have a complaint... i hated the final boss... i thought ending the game with a one on one with Kelley was a perfect way to end it, but god did i hated Yamata no Orochi it just wasnt fun to fight.

    But lets get back to what was great, its interesting that the first time i saw the opening movie i was able to recognize that the last guy in the trailer was Oda Nobunaga, i guess ive seen the character in so many animes by now that i kind of recognize what he looks like.

    Anyway Nobunaga being close to the final boss was awesome, (im a fan of the guy, i mean even when portrayed as a girl he is badass however i thought it was wierd that the spirit animal of the guy was a peacock... i mean come on the man is constantly called the demon lord in almost every adaptation ive seen, so a Dragon or something like it would have been more fitting.

    Combat was great and i loved parrying guys and even bosses, i just wish some human bosses werent constantly using living weapons because... well trying to parry that is just foolish, BTW The toad and Lady No were some of my favorite boss fights.

    I guess the one department were the game didnt blew me away was the music but then again i just came here after P5 and Automata (2 games with some of the best soundtracks ever) so that doesnt help.

    And finally i loved Ginchiyo (what a waifu) and when i unlocked the option to buy transformations into other characters i immidiately looked if i could get her, and... she is the most expensive character, seems like they knew she was gonna be popular.

    Also because i have the complete edition i still got a lot of game to play, and im gonna tell you this... the expansions are more like a complete second game, the story is a continuation of the game instead of a side story or extra chapters, they have as much trophies as the full game (39) and combined they may be as long as the standard game, so if you really loved Nioh you need to buy them.

    But here is the thing... i really wanna play Monster Hunter while its hot, while its popular, while its still the talk of the internet and while it has the hype behind it, and it already took me a month or so to beat Nioh so im not sure if i wanna go another month with the DLCs, plus i did beat the game just like you did so... what do you think should i play MH:W and then go back to the DLCs or should i do the DLCs first?.

    I'm not gonna lie, when I read your first line I believed it and was impressed, lol, you fooled me!

    I loved the final boss, did you play Okami? XD
    The fight was cool, specially when you think it's not that hard and the other heads blow the building that was protecting your back and you are now surronded by a lot of then, I loved it.
    Have you been playing the side missions? Right before the ending two high level missions should have popped up, did you do them?
    If you did, move on to MH to play it when it's everyone playing, if not, do those then move on, let the DLC for later.
    I wish I had more time to comment on it but I'm in a rush now, so later lol

    4 days ago

    I beated all the side missions in the base game, i assume you are talking about the fights against Nobunaga + Lady No and Muneshige and Tadakatsu, in which case yeah i beated them but it was probably the hardest thing in the game.

    4 days ago

    Yes, those fights were great!

    3 days ago

    Its been a long time since i had a fight where i thought, "is this even doable?" lol

    3 days ago

    I thought the same, lol.
    But only with the warriors of the East and West, I got a working strategy fighting against Oda and Yuki way sooner, I actually even made the fight two more times latter to get another win because I enjoyed the fight so much xD
    Nioh was so damn good.
    Are you going to start MHW now?

    3 days ago

    Yeah im starting MHW tonight, yesterday i actually tried starting the NIOH DLC but it turns out im severally underleveled for it by like 30 levels or so, im getting killed in one or two hits by any enemy (even regular soldiers), so that to me put the final nail in the coffin and im gonna leave it for later.

    2 days ago

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Saw you played Cyber Sleuth and Berseria, so tell me about those first impressions.

    Just tested them, didn't actually play.
    I always do that to see if the games I bought are actually working xD

    on 12 February 2018

    I was going to play Drag on Dragoon 3 but I couldn't xP
    Maybe I'll start Cyber Sleuth today, tho.

    on 12 February 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    Just Monika

    is that a reference to that weird visual novel that became a meme?

    on 11 February 2018

    No, it's just Monika.
    Yeah, it's about Doki Doki Literature Club xP

    on 12 February 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Been playing Nioh and loving it, my only complaint is that due to the type of game it is the pacing for the story is weird, since you get get one cutscene of story per each main mission, (though sometimes you dont) but you also get about 3 sub missions after each main mission, then you have this moments when i may go one full day without touching the story (focusing on completing all sub missions), only to later advance the story too much too fast, so what im doing now is all sub missions and one main mission every day, that way the pacing doesnt feel weird.

    BTW the fact that this has a proper story with a lot of different characters and cutscenes, sets it apart from the souls series a LOT and really makes it feel much more original, which is something i love.

    Also its really sad that it took me this long to play the game, not only because its awesome but also because MH World just came out, and ive been wanting to play a proper MH on console since the very first one on the PS2 (which i could never find), in other words ive been waiting for that game for over 15 years... and not only is it out but apparently its amazing, the best game in the series, and EVERYONE is playing it, talking about it, and gushing about it as well...

    it sucks because im really loving Nioh and i dont wanna stop (and i wont stop), and now i also REALLY wanna play MH World...

    Well I platined it in two werkends so I always had lots of story every day I played it xD
    Yup, it's completely different both in how stages are separated and progressive and the story is actually presented to you while you progress instead of giving you the task of realizing what's going on/ happened there before.
    It's modelded after FS success but it is a Team Ninja game after all, it's Ninja Gaiden meats Demon's Souls.
    I suggest you don't drop it, that can really affect the game for you, I would never do it unless a new LoD comes out, lol.

    I'll be waiting for juice cuts on MH and DBZ, still have older games I want to pick as well, so ir might take a while to me to get it too xP

    I'm about to plat Lightning Returns this week, even as the story is really weak I enjoyed playing it. If FF13 was structured and played like LR it could have been a great game, as I'm one of the few people that likes its story xD

    on 31 January 2018

    Damn why did it become a wall of text, lol

    on 31 January 2018

    That, plus my typos, plus the damn bars and Ns thrown there look really bad, I hope you understand it

    on 31 January 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    Another great April!

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