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    < BraLoD posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    How dare you sleep when I need you to evolve trade my Kadabra?!?

    < BraLoD posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    Thank you for all your help, Kapik!

    < BraLoD posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    Hey Kapi, I got all I want, it'll be 35 pokes to trade.

    Do you think we can do that in about a half a hour from now on?

    A bit late, but I can do it now if you're still there?
    Also, have you got discord? It might be easy to co-ordinate it on there than here. My discord tag is #8664

    3 days ago

    I'm up to it!
    I don't even know how discord works, sorry, lol.

    3 days ago

    Ah well, just chat here then I guess. Any idea how to start a trade?

    3 days ago

    Do you have the PSN app on your phone? We can chat there.
    I don't, so I looked up online, you have to log in your game, press the button on the center top in the lower screen, select trade, than the last option (far away), and we'll be able to see eachother in the friends section... from there I found nothing so it should be intuitive i guess, lol.

    3 days ago

    I don't have a phone, but I can do PSN messaging on my PS4, right?

    I've tried that and it says I need an update, lemme just download that and hopefully it will work then.

    3 days ago

    Ok then, I'll grab something to eat, call me there when you can.

    3 days ago

    umm... what's your PSN name?

    I deleted everybody from VGC when I left..

    3 days ago

    Also, update's done and I'm ready to trade.

    My dood on Pokemon X is called キリト (Kirito) by the way.

    3 days ago

    < BraLoD posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    Hey kapok, I got some pokes holding items to trade before I delete the used copy of Pokemon Y from my card, can we trade later today or tomorrow?

    I got the Pokemom Bank so I could store your pokemon you send me there to trade you back, if that's possible, otherwise you will need a lot of junk pokes to use as trade material, prefferable on a copy of X or Y so we don't have generation exclusive stuff compatibility.

    The save here has a lot of junk pokemon saved, if there is a way to gift pokemon to you I could do that so you don't have to do it yoirself, so if you know of a way you can tell me.

    Also, I was able to send all of the event/legendary pokemon to the bank, so apparently they are not illegal, though they can still not be legit and cloned, I read in the net, heh, good enough right? (I verified most are from a 2016 event on Serebii.net)

    Have a nice day! (by: Bon Jovi)


    That's good that you were able to send them to the bank. Yay for non-illegal Pokes!

    Pretty sure you can't gift, it has to be a trade. Although I've got a used copy of X myself, so I don't really care about the Pokes on it. How many will you need?

    And yeah, I can do it today or tomorrow. Don't forget I'm EU timezone though

    4 days ago

    I think about 40, he seems to have a lot of good items to save, lol.
    Why don't you care about your pokes, tho? You monster!
    Kapok sounds kool, kaclock.

    3 days ago

    Because they're not my Pokes. It's a used copy of X that I haven't got around to resetting/playing yet.

    40? :O

    3 days ago

    Oh you also got an used copy? Didn't you check for.good stuff there?
    I haven't the exact number, but it'll be all the mega stones he had (a lot) plus some few other items... maybe 25? Will check it later.

    3 days ago

    Yeah I checked. Don't think there was anything good there. I guess not everyone can be lucky

    3 days ago

    Well, you were born in Europe and lived in Japan, you are damn lucky enough already xD
    Also, will you still be available for today for how much time?

    3 days ago

    umm, it's nearly 1am now so no more time today

    Night BraLoD *waves*

    3 days ago

    Good night Kapok!

    3 days ago

    < OTBWY posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    Because of you we no longer have mod thread entertainment. :(

    It'll be back!

    6 days ago

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    If Sony and Microsoft offered a $20 a year plan, would you buy?

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

    bananaking21 said: Ka-pi96 said: Doesn't Sony offer voice chat/friend invites for free anyway? So yeah, if they were to suddenly put those behind a paywall I'd be pretty fucking pissed! If it didn't affect the free features and was just losing the PS+ games (most of which have been garbage since the PS4 released anyway) then yeah, that would be great. These past 2 years...

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    PlayStation Is UKs Third Most Relevant Brand (Nintendo #11, Xbox #17)

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    COKTOE said: Ka-pi96 said: eww at #1 being apple. Quite funny that dyson is on there but not hoover though, since hoover is the default name used regardless of brand. It's also used as the verb (eg. I'm hoovering the house). So in the UK, Hoover is the Kleenex of vacuum cleaners? Sure is....

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    Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Announced

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    huh, a bundle for a free to play game? Is that a first?...


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