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    < barneystinson69 posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:



    3 days ago


    3 days ago


    2 days ago

    < SWORDF1SH posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    Only 23 games and Lacrosse 16 is one of them! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?

    I like sports games. What`s wrong with that? :P

    3 days ago

    Why did you buy lacrosse then?

    3 days ago

    Same reason I bought NHL 13 years ago, to try out a new sport I knew nothing about.

    And assuming you`re implying it`s a bad game... I`ve also got Rugby 15 on my profile which I can assure you is much worse :P

    3 days ago

    All jokes aside, did you like those games? I wouldn't mind a new good sport game.

    3 days ago

    Lacrosse 16? eh, it`s alright I guess. It works, there`s no obvious bugs or anything but it does feel pretty repetitive and the sport itself didn`t really hook me either.

    Rugby 15? Nope, it was an absolutely terrible game! If you`re looking for a rugby game to play then the Rugby Challenge series is the one to play, haven`t played #3 yet but the first 2 while not close to the level of EA sports games they were still miles better than Rugby 15.

    3 days ago

    Do you play any Formula 1 games? Not picked one up for 5 years.

    3 days ago

    I thought about getting F1 2016 when it released, but I`m not really that in to racing games.

    3 days ago

    < Ka-pi96 updated his status:

    33333 posts!

    Liar! It says 33,353!

    3 days ago

    Well I couldn`t just stop posting now could I? :P

    3 days ago

    No, you can't, go back to posting.
    *whip slap*

    2 days ago

    < manuel posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    I don't want to derail that thread, so I'll ask here.

    Do you study or work in Japan?

    Makes sense.
    I study, at Meiji university to be precise :)

    Small town in the east of Hiroshima huh? That`s a long long way from me :P Must be nice to be right out in the countryside though!

    on 11 January 2017

    I'm not city person, so you're right about the countryside being nice. I like it here.
    Are you having a good time?
    Meiji U. is pretty famous (I think Takeshi Kitano graduated from there...). Best wishes!

    on 11 January 2017

    Yeah, definitely having a good time, thanks :)
    I like big cities, also like the countryside though, but I`m still glad to be in a big city like Tokyo. Planning on visiting Osaka within the next couple months too which should be fun :)

    on 11 January 2017


    on 11 January 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Ka-pi96's wall:

    wtf, where is pikachu?

    IN your butt

    on 09 January 2017

    eh, she has electric powers. So she`s like a human female pikachu,,,

    You can even dress her up like a pikachu if you want... http://www.theanimegallery.com/data/thumbs/790px/0116/tAG_116846.jpg

    on 10 January 2017

    Well now I know why Pikachu did so well on that PornHub list :D

    on 10 January 2017

    IN your butt, Slade? Didn't know, thanks.
    Also, no excuses, bring it back Ka-pi, you can't be Ka-pi without it.

    on 10 January 2017

    You never complained about my lack of Pikachu when I had a polar bear...

    on 10 January 2017

    What did you use on your "do you know me thread title"? Pikachu and Polar Bears, no anime girls, that's why!

    on 10 January 2017

    It`s still not the first time I`ve had an anime girl though :P
    And hey, it`s not permanent...

    on 10 January 2017

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    Will Fifa Switch pull another PSVita trick?

    in Gaming Discussion 7 hours ago

    WolfpackN64 said: Isn't FIFA kind of always the same game with a different (thin) coat of paint and a minimal tweak to the mechanics on every platform? Not at all. For starters the latest version had a pretty major new addition (The Journey mode), but also if you're in to the games and play them each year then there's some quite noticeable differences (can't say improvements since I...

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    I wish we could have a real Final Fantasy again.

    in Gaming Discussion 9 hours ago

    niceguygameplayer said: Ka-pi96 said: Agree in some areas, not in others. Sci fi and steam punk settings are just as much Final Fantasy to me as fantasy 'medieval' ones. Plus pretty boy teenagers are a big part of some of the best FF games, so no need to rule them out either. I have FFIV and Cecil as my ideal FF.  And I have 8/10 and Squall/Tidus :-P...

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    Nintendo to not have Achievements once again?

    in Nintendo Discussion 9 hours ago

    zippy said: Why are people trying to turn Nintendo into Sony or Microsoft. If you don't like what they are doing buy an XBOX or PlayStation, because they are offering everything your complaining about Nintendo not having. And then you get threads asking for Nintendo to go 3rd party and release on those systems......


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