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    < Flilix posted something on fory77's wall:

    Did you pre-order the Ataribox?

    i dont do pre-orders
    if it actually comes out i'll buy it if its good

    on 04 March 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on fory77's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    y-you too !

    on 25 December 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on fory77's wall:

    You're back?

    I'm back?!

    on 02 October 2017

    You're back!! How's it been?

    on 02 October 2017

    Other than the charts being even more late and the Switch replacing the Wii U, what's new?

    on 02 October 2017

    I'm doing fine myself. Just the average daily life.

    on 02 October 2017

    You still doing the revolution thingy?

    on 02 October 2017

    Well, it depends what you mean by "doing" XD I've failed in all of my attempts to convert others.

    on 02 October 2017

    Go for people on the fence and don't flaunt your ideology. If you can't argue well, no offence, maybe don't idk. There are too many people talking and not enough listening tbh.

    on 02 October 2017

    Ah, so you're actually trying to encourage me to get people to become socialists? XD

    on 02 October 2017

    People must have their opinions be challenged and some socialist ideas are good.

    on 02 October 2017

    So, have you been playing any games recently? And do you have a Discord account?

    on 02 October 2017

    Mainly grand strategy games from paradox and modding them.
    no, should i?

    on 02 October 2017

    Ah, OK. And well, you don't have to have one if you don't want to XD It's just that's where I tend to PM people from here nowadays, as it's easier to communicate with that than what VGC has. I don't want to pressure you to make an account or anything like that, I was just wondering.

    on 02 October 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on fory77's wall:

    I just now put together your age and its significance!! I guess I was really slow on that one!

    You probably haven't read many history books. I'm listed as a primary source for everything from the Roman to the French revolutions.

    on 04 May 2017

    -_- I don't actually have a 2600 myself, but I do have an Intellivision!

    on 04 May 2017

    did you buy it?

    on 04 May 2017

    Yeah. I bought it a few years ago for like $20.

    on 04 May 2017

    nice, any good games?

    on 04 May 2017

    I like Pitfall, Frog Bog and Lock 'n Chase. I have a few other games too, but there's some like Snafu where i have no idea what to do!

    on 04 May 2017

    niice, you should still buy a 2600 if you like retro though, especially if it's an old model with wood veneering.

    on 04 May 2017

    I've been looking for one since 2008, I haven't found one for a decent price yet, though.

    on 04 May 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on fory77's wall:

    Atari is crying because of you

    what?? what have i done ;-;

    on 08 February 2017

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