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< t3mporary_126 posted something on Metallox's wall:

I'm thinking of how we should decide when the next Mario 3D World should start. Should I let people decide by week first and then day?

That's actually a good idea. Will be good for everyone to establish a concrete day.

on 04 April 2015

< Smeags posted something on Metallox's wall:

Check out The Babadook. Fantastic horror film (and it'll be on Netflix next month). The creature itself is based on the expressionist films of the early 1900's. Really neat. ^_^

on 22 March 2015

Looks really spooky.

I heard of it before but never bothered to watch a trailer. Now I'm going to look for it someday, thanks for the recommendation =)

on 22 March 2015

< Munchies posted something on Metallox's wall:

Since you want to know my opinions about Pikmin 2, I'll post them here instead of going off-topic.

It's a lovely game. The Pikmin are pretty cute and it just has a really great vibe to it. The game is vibrant and it can be quite challenging if you don't have a proper strategy to deal with a dungeon. Also, there's no 30-day limit like the first game to complete the objective, which is good because it doesn't pressure you to finish, you can go at your own pace. I never played the original or the third games, I'm only revisiting the second one. I fell in love with it after I heard the Pikmin singing while walking.

Is there anything specific you might want to know? Like dungeons, the plot, characters, the Pikmin themselves? One thing, it sure is worth the money.

Nothing else, really, but I'm glad that you like the game :)

on 21 February 2015

< aikohualda posted something on Metallox's wall:

do you actually have bayonetta glasses?

Of course ;)

on 01 November 2014

< drake_tolu posted something on Metallox's wall:


You have predict 190,000 for Assassin's Creed IV black Flag on Wii U by the end of 2014...

But have already passed this number, and it's July!

So, now, where is you prediction for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for end of year and lifetime?

I said:

more of 275K this year

more of 500K lifetime

Hi, there and ehh... I didn't make that prediction (?)

It was selling poorly so I really thought that it was going to sell just 190K.

I say 230K by the end of the year, 300k lifetime.

on 19 July 2014

Assassin's Creed IV sell 1,500-2,000 on normal week... on the end of year WITHOUT boost, will sell minimum 40,000 more... but this without the boost of Chrismas, that make sell even 10,000 on week...

on 19 July 2014

Seriously? I often watch the updates for the game, and it seems to sell 200-500 copies per week lol

I could be wrong though. But seems that you're right.

The game as of today has sold 70K copies in 2014. It could easily manage to outsell that quantity during the following moths. I say 70-90K copies, so that would make 260-280K copies sold by the end of the year.

Closer, isn't it? ;)

on 19 July 2014

This is how sell Assassin's Creed IV, and Assassin's Creed III:

Last week AC IV have sold 1,900, and AC III have sold 1,300.
Even AC III sell again more of 1K on week.
For the end of year i predict more of 300,000 for AC III, and 275,000 for AC IV.
And in 2015, AC IV will passed AC III.
This is my prediction. ;)

on 19 July 2014

Interesting... Assassin's Creed III made a good jump during the last holiday season.

on 19 July 2014

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Predict Splatoon sales first week.

in Nintendo Discussion 3 hours ago

binary solo said: Well certain Nintendo fans reckon there's mostly adults who have Wii U and mostly adults who will play Splatoon, and the problem with appealing to kids is that kids want to play CoD, and that Wii U as a whole is not getting much traction with kids. I have no clue about Wii U's demographics but it seems there are different views in the Nintendo community. Doesn't...

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Amazon Japan Best Sellers of 2015! [Week 16]

in Gaming Discussion 3 hours ago

tbone51 said: Metallox said:Xenoblade Chronicles X not doing so hot, duuude... Curious, what makes you say that? It still has 10 days left^ Dontforget top 40-50 are all games that sold 50k-400k and up. Could be anywhere :0 Exactly that. 10 days left. Perhaps I'm overestimating Amazon Japan, anyway. ...

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Predict Splatoon sales first week.

in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

binary solo said:Majority has gone for under 300K. For those predicting over 500K, what 100% totally brand new IP has launched at over 500K on Wii U so far? Only 20 games from the entire Wii U library have done over 500K LTD so far, according to VGC. As far as I can tell the only 100% new IP that is over 500K LTD is ZombiU. Chances are Splatoon may struggle to get 500K LTD. I think...


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