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    Attack on Titan is one of the best animes ever!! prove me wrong (poll)

    in Movies Discussion on 08 July 2019

    I only watched the first episode, realized it was gonna be a sad boi ride and just finished rewatching Evangelion and needed a break. it's on my bucket list of anime I want to watch, but I think I'll binge it right before the final season comes out. ...

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    Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar? ...It just did !!!!

    in Movies Discussion on 08 July 2019

    I was expecting it to beat Avatar because I am still surprised Avatar did that well. Yeah, I know it was pretty revolutionary in terms of effects, but it did not have a memorable story. It was basically just dances with wolves with an extremely well done generic paradise. I literally never hear people talk about the movie...ever. There have been few instances I've heard it discussed in media and...

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    Christopher Nolan's spy action-thriller Tenet has a reported budget of $225 mil

    in Movies Discussion on 08 July 2019

    I find his movies overrated in a pretty extreme way, but movies get budgets like this all the time. All that matters to Hollywood is the bottom line and Nolan certainly delivers. I guess the movie of his I like best is Interstellar. I remember my dad really did not like the Dark Knight. Probably the only time I remember him being so negative about a movie. I also did not like it, but I am not a...

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    Human right violations in persecution of Julian Assange?

    in Politics Discussion on 02 July 2019

    DonFerrari said: vivster said: Prison should never be a punishment for non-violent crimes. So should people that defraud billions or trillions from the government not go to jail? I'm failing how to see that makes sense considering the current state of the economy if you follow the idea that he fixed the election somehow. ...

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    Human right violations in persecution of Julian Assange?

    in Politics Discussion on 01 July 2019

    This world is strange. I don't particularly like Assange. I think he's overrated as far as being a hero and I know on a political and personal level I do not like him, but I certainly find him being locked up insane and completely unethical. I feel like a lot of things must be behind the scenes for this to make sense. I really don't get what he is being held responsible for because nothing he has...

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    But I have a girlfriend

    in NSFW Discussion on 30 June 2019

    Yes, but you are aware of the problem and should be able to fix it. Unless you have weak moral courage and ability to self control. Think of Christopher in the Sopranos and getting high causing their car to crash. Tony Soprano knew he was a junkie that would kill his daughter if she were in the car so he decided to kill him to protect the danger he was to his family. This is what you are doing to...

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    How physical are you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2019

    I have been over 50% digital since around 2010, and about 90% digital since 2015. ...

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    Let's Talk - Halo Infinite

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 June 2019

    Azzanation said: Veknoid_Outcast said: I don’t mean to be a downer, but graphics, art direction, sound design—these are largely inconsequential things if level design, mission design, multiplayer map design, gunplay, enemy AI, etc. are all inferior.I’m sure 343 can pay lip service to classic Halo fans—that’s the easy part. Can the studio make a great...

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    Art shouldn't be free of politics or "neutral"

    in Politics Discussion on 27 May 2019

    I personally hated how BF5 added politics and a completely unreal revisionist approach to history and did not buy the game because of it. My grandfather fought in WW2. What they created is not political theory or expression, it's clear pandering and revisionist view of history. The idea that all games are political or rather relevant to modern political discussion is laughable. That's in addition...

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    Let's write in Japanese, Japanese learners welcome!

    in General Discussion on 25 May 2019

    A Japanese woman (customer) at my workplace asked if I was Japanese. Then she and her husband (white) asked if I ever been there. This happened about a month ago, but it was the first time at my garden center workplace I was not mistaken for Hispanic when called the wrong heritage. I am a mut who is 75% white and 25% Filpino. I am very tan tho, probably more tan than most Japanese from my...

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    Trump's new tariff proposals include a 25% tax on video game consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 May 2019

    redacted ...

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    Hypocrisy on Abortion?

    in Politics Discussion on 18 May 2019

    I support overturning abortion freedoms. I don't really care about it being a "women's right" since every women in my family is pro-life anyway. Any and all rights are decided by a society and not some moral system. Morally speaking abortion is murder, and I will never see it as different. It breaks my heart that even mentally handicapped children are aborted in places like Iceland. The cost of...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Republican Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion on 29 March 2019

    Trump's approval rating in Israel is very high and considering how much they control the GOP and network donors the answer is he has no chance of being dethroned in primaries. He is an incumbent and will have more money than any of his challengers by far. He probably won't spend any of his own money this time around either. I would like to see him get primaries, but that list right now includes...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion on 29 March 2019

    Yang has my full support. I know he's not polling great now, but I think once people give him a chance he will pull away. The first primary is still a long ways out so I definitely think Yang can win :)...

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    Music for people who don't give a F***!

    in Music Discussion on 29 March 2019


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    With Gen 8 around the corner, Rank all the mainline Pokemon games/generations!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 February 2019

    1: Gen 2 2. Gen 1 3. The rest are unplayable....

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion on 26 January 2019

    amo by bmth recommended listen order: heavy metal > sugar honey ice tea > nihilist blues > in the dark > i apologize if you feel something > i dont know what to say...

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    ZhugeEX "Xbox One sales around 41m"

    in Sales Discussion on 26 January 2019

    trash console i regret buying   User Banned For This Post By ~PwerlvlAmy...

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    in Politics Discussion on 26 January 2019

    Leave, no deal. I have to say I’ve lost track on this issue because the yellow vest movement has been my current obsession. I can’t give relevant nuance to this past month’s news....

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    Circumcision - Yes or No?

    in General Discussion on 26 January 2019

    I am circumcized and I will say if you do go through with it’s not the end of the world. Most of the lies that you can’t feel sex as good are simply that. Scientific studies and a lot of science is just bullshit. However, the risk of complications no matter how small can’t be ignored and follows why I will hawk the mannar that they are vaccinated (I may try to avoid it and even...

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