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NightDragon83 said:
teamsilent13 said:

Trump will lose my vote and many others if this escalates to war. I can't see this being a logical strategy. Maybe he doesn't care about re-election and his Israeli handlers are doing their last biddings. This either has to quiet down fast like the strikes in Syria or he's lost it.

Wait guys, I can't keep up... I thought Trump was Russia's puppet?  And Russia is buddy-buddy with Iran, so what gives here?

I voted for Trump. Putin for what it's worth is a corrupt man. I am not going to post in detail everyting about Russia interference, but yeah democrats have no real case for it. Trump won because of rustbelt and midwest voters switching to GOP on economic and immigration based grounds. If we want to get technical Trump actually lost white votes by % points compared to Romney and he lost evangelicals to Romney. I hate the left trying to discredit his campaign which went through serious recount efforts and I still believe the democrats engaged in voter fraud at many levels based on what I've seen. I think Trump won New Hampshire and I think the popular vote is filled with fake votes...keep in mind I still think he lost the popular vote just not by as much and almost entirely because of California.

Just because Russia didn't change the results of our election doesn't mean they didn't make some efforts to disrupt it. And in most cases at least with the facebook ads it was negative information on both candidates. I have no idea the real nature of WikiLeaks and if they have any real ties to Russia or not. Wikileaks I believe was given information presumably from Russia regarding Hillary Clinton's emails, but there was nothing really to get up in arms because Hillary dug her own grave by having an illegal server and saying the things in the emails. Many large countries from Russia to China and the EU attempt to disrupt our election at some level. 

That being said Israel has a huge stranglehold in American politics starting from a lobbying level, to disproportional donors, and to being our largest aid recipient. Israel has been in control of foreign policy since neoliberal/neoconservatives were put in charge of it. If the neocons are still in power, if Jared Kushner is being given a lot of power, most importantly if Netenyahu is lifetime friends with Trump then there's reason to think that Israel is guiding Trump's policy. I have a lot of technical reasons for why it's obvious, but I don't feel like posting pages of information and then getting called the anti word. I will not support Trump if this escalates to war. He will regain my respect if he manages to get this quiet fast like he did with Syria. I am not a pacifist btw. But it's clear we are here to bully for Israel. Otherwise I guess the war is for oil? I mean this is the same military that idle'd military vehicles 24/7 for almost two decades in Afghanistan. 

Last edited by teamsilent13 - on 03 January 2020