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< Slade6alpha Really loving that Zero Suit Samus, thanks Ninty :)
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< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

You've never played Metroid?!

*moves to de-friend*

No!!!!!!!!! lol Where did you see that again?
But sadly I haven't... yet!
Bought the trilogy for over $200.
It's stuck in my long list of backloged games :(

2 days ago

You mentioned it when you and jbeard were drooling over Samus...can't say I blame you :-P

It's OK though. You shouldn't rush it. But the series is worth playing, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, and Zero Mission in particular.

2 days ago

lol should have deleted that evidence xD
What about Other M...?

2 days ago

I'm part of the minority that enjoys Other M. It's not as good as any game in the Prime trilogy, but it's a smart, tight action game with great production values.

2 days ago

< the-pi-guy posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Do you know about the Teen Titans?

You got it.
I'm shocked. That is the origin. No one has ever gotten that.
btw, I loved that show xD

2 days ago

Really, no one else got it?
The original series was amazing, but the new one isn't as much.

2 days ago

What was the newer one again?
I also enjoyed Justice League on Cartoon Network.
But yeah, no one else.

2 days ago

Teen Titans Go is the newer one.
It's supposed to be a comedy.

2 days ago

Bad idea written all over it...
May have to go re-watch some of those old Cartoon Network shows now!
Loved Ed, Edd, n Eddy the most!!!!!

2 days ago

< Jizz_Beard_thePirate posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Man, I must say, every time I look at your avatar, I always feel like shes wearing less clothes than she really is lolll! Dem eye fuck designs

lol xD
I love it!!! That was my first reaction when I saw it.

3 days ago

< Slade6alpha updated his status:

Really loving that Zero Suit Samus, thanks Ninty :)

Seconded! Fap Fap Fap! You know that the next gen is truly here when one of the hottest characters looks even hotter!

6 days ago

I'm trying to find an HD pic of her from the Direct yesterday, but nothing jizz worthy :(

6 days ago

Man, if they make another Metroid and Samus is that fucking hawt, I will play it every single day so I can get fastest times to see her in a bikini! Call me a pervert but its something I must see!!!

6 days ago

lol, your name is jizz beard, we all kind of got that ;)
I haven't played a Metroid game yet......
Is she in any of them, in that suit :D

6 days ago

Shes in that suit a lot in Metroid the other M but don't play that, you will hate Samus if you do! If you ever want to play 3d Metroid games, go and play Metroid Prime Series, its epic, specially in dolphin!

But yea lolll, Zero Suit Samus in Brawl was hot but my eyes literately came in that Smash Direct when they showed her, I was watching the Direct with my friends and as soon as they showed her, our jaws dropped!

6 days ago

< Slarvax posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

I don't want to sound rude, but why haven't you posted news at Nintendomination?

There hasn't been much 3DS news :(
Pretty much all MK8 news, and tomorrow's Smash, which, let's be honest, most here are interested in for Wii U, which is your section.

on 07 April 2014

Ook, just wanting to check that you didn't leave us! And don't worry. Mario Golf and Kirby are releasing on May too, so you will get some news later on!

on 07 April 2014

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PLAYSTATION Nation -New TLoU DLC! -inFAMOUS patch with Photo Mode! -Halo, Destiny composer fired from Bungie -New Batman screens! -Playstation best invention since the wheel

in Sony Discussion 49 minutes ago

YES! YES! YES! Please have that Ratchet and Clank trilogy come to Vita... also, wasn't that other PS3 Ratchet and Clank game "Into the Nexus" supposed to come too? ...

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PLAYSTATION Nation -New TLoU DLC! -inFAMOUS patch with Photo Mode! -Halo, Destiny composer fired from Bungie -New Batman screens! -Playstation best invention since the wheel

in Sony Discussion 53 minutes ago

Thanks Gooch :) And I lol'ed at the "Vita Pets (lol)" Is anyone for real... no shame, getting that game. Be real. ...

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PLAYSTATION Nation -New TLoU DLC! -inFAMOUS patch with Photo Mode! -Halo, Destiny composer fired from Bungie -New Batman screens! -Playstation best invention since the wheel

in Sony Discussion 55 minutes ago

Mmmfishtacos said:Vitas line up is pretty strong, wonder what theyll show at e3. I'd like to see some newer types of games. JRPGs are always welcome, but would be nice to see like Sly 5, or Jak and Daxter (If Naughty Dog isn't making Jak 4, why not outsource it to Sanzaru Games?) They did a great job with Thieves in Time and hopefully wih this next port of the Sly Collection in...


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