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< Slade6alpha I miss being able to write on permabanned users walls' :-(
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< Slade6alpha updated his status:

I miss being able to write on permabanned users walls'

< Slade6alpha updated his status:

This real analysis test is going to fuck me up harder than the Xbox One in Japan.

Send prayers and a snack box pls.

Say what?

4 days ago

Story of my life.

4 days ago

A sequence Xn converges to 0 if and only if, for any epsilon greater than 0, there exists an N such that for any n greater than or equal to N, the absolute value of Xn minus the limit is less than epsilon.

And that's the easy part. X_x

4 days ago Brain AIDS

4 days ago

Is the answer 2?

3 days ago

I have mad respect for the pure mathematicians ...

3 days ago

< Ultrashroomz posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Pls notice me, Slade Senpai o:


4 days ago


4 days ago

< ReimTime posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Dafuq bro it says u commented on my post but I don't see ahit. You pulling some magic on me boi?

I stalked your wall, and saw Star Ocean wrote "I'm bored". I then continued to scroll until you put "Vita" as an option. I then proceeded to comment, "Vita, LOL." Then I scrolled down to see my comment, but you and him had like a long intimate string going... I felt like a cunt writing that, so I deleted it.

That was a long explanation... kinda sad too. :(

on 30 September 2015

LMAO! No worries m8 my wall is always welcome to friends

on 30 September 2015

< iceland posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Nice Talk bruh

Yeah fuck you Ice.

on 30 September 2015

Oh shit, I was supposed to be on tonight I think.... Got like no free time. Maybe this weekend :/ Might be best to just PM me here, lol. At least I'll remember to check it more than Skype.

on 30 September 2015

As if Slade I haven't seen you on Skype since I rode some gnarly wake with Noah in his Ark

on 30 September 2015

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Write 32

Rare replay sold VERY poorly in its first week

in Gaming Discussion 14 hours ago

Skullwaker said: Protendo said:It was (by some on these forums) being hyped up as one of the big deal exclusives. It was silly to most of us, so I think we just shrugged it off. Note: I'm not replying to those saying it wasn't, as I can just pull up the Amazon thread and see that it was.  Not even going to research other threads, one is enough. I visited many of the...

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Rare replay sold VERY poorly in its first week

in Gaming Discussion 15 hours ago

Ka-pi96 said: Skullwaker said: Uh...okay. I've never seen anyone say that. Same. Maybe he was looking at youtube comment sections or something... Watching too much Crapgamer :-D ...

Write 32

Rare replay sold VERY poorly in its first week

in Gaming Discussion 15 hours ago

lol what did you expect it to sell. The thing is a bunch of ports of old games retailed at $30... give me a break. Fanboy comment made no sense either. ...


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