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< iceland posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Brokeback mountain

Crash is a better movie.

1 day ago

What is Crash? I actually didn't even enjoy Brokeback Mountain, they spent their lives pretending to be straight and then one of them got killed. wtf fuck that movie LOL

10 hours ago

I wrote something mean, but couldn't post it xD

10 hours ago

Fuck u Slade!

10 hours ago

I'm going to fuck you up.

5 hours ago

< Wright posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Beat FF X already!

I'm trying. Seymour Flux is fucking me with a strap on :(
Wait.. that doesn't make sense ;(

2 days ago

He has two penises

2 days ago

mmmmmm double penetration :O

2 days ago

Oh baby a triple

2 days ago

< Slade6alpha updated his status:

Yawn, more religion bashing. I can't blame those who have faith in a God for not wanting to share their thoughts on the subject.

I tried derailing it Slade but I fell asleep and when I woke up it was too late :(. I was gonna post like 50 Cory in da House pictures

2 days ago

I saw that, lol! You did good! Also got to the part where Tidus and Yuna... you know ;)

Also, I don't hate Tidus as much anymore. His character and how he acts towards Yuna has progressed nicely since that laugh.

2 days ago

spoiler: Tidues dies. Yuna dies. Everyone dies...
ive never played the game, so i have no clue what im talking about :D

2 days ago

If this ends up happening. You better sleep with one eye open boy.

2 days ago

The famous underwater kiss scene! If I took my date underwater I'd probably end up in jail.
All joking aside see what I meant before? Tidus does mature and get a little less annoying, and I'm glad he does.
You still got a whole lotta enjoyable game to go! Pretty sure the game opens up to a lot of sidequesting soon

2 days ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

Slade, please be my friend again

I'm so lonely without you

I'm going to let this request just sink in. I'll let you know the status of the request next month.

5 days ago

< ReimTime posted something on Slade6alpha's wall:

No, lol xD

6 days ago

Slade pls

5 days ago

:o so sexy!

5 days ago

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Write 34

Why are so many games skipping the XBOX ONE?

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

Goatseye said:Why aren't they on Nintendo WiiU? ;-) lol ...

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Xbox Empire - Xbox One Wins NPD! - E3 Can't Fit Everything in E3, Saving A Lot for Gamescom

in Microsoft Discussion 1 hour ago

For you Wright! Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster 2016- XB1, 360, PS4, PS3, PC

Write 34

Why are so many games skipping the XBOX ONE?

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

So a bunch of Japanese games. Because if you want Japanese games, you should buy a PS4. OT: Japanese games don't sell well enough to merit ports, if they did, they would be on it. That, or MS doesn't seend the want/need to invest in Japanese games like LO, or BD. ...


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