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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 9 hours ago by SpokenTruth

    Lafiel said: SpokenTruth said: My only question...is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? based on the anime it seems it is indeed wrong, as nobody goes to the dungeon to seek romance and hardly any of the romance-esque scenes play out in the dungeon I'm trying to imagine how disappointed some buyers are who weren't familiar with the anime. ...

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    "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

    in General Discussion on 02 September 2019 by Polyludic

    spurgeonryan said: Polyludic said: I am back after being gone for years. I had a number of life changes, no longer have access to my old email address since I imposed ban on myself being on this site. I had my old username suspended and moved on.I was on here years go, but I left for a number of reasons. I am back, because I am looking to do stuff in the area of competitive game...

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    The Football Thread - 17/18 Season

    in Sports Discussion on 19 July 2018 by The Fury

    KiigelHeart said:  I wouldn't mind if we signed another centreback, defensive midfielder and a winger but it's not likely Emery will get everything in one transfer window.  Mertesacker retire? Getting replacements for good centre backs seems hard nowadays. Especially ones that lead because the new one might not....

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    The Nintendo Switch and a New IP Renaissance

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2018 by John2290

    Awe, Necro'd. I had some snarky replies at the ready too. Back to sleep little fella, rest in blissfully, ignorant peace, free in thread heaven. ...

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    BOLD Prediction: Zelda BotW will do a Whopping 10mil Lifetime! Update 10mil Achieved

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 April 2018 by Pavolink

    You failed tbone! Ypu said lifetime and already surpassed! Ha! (I think 15m is guaranteed. Road to 20m?)...

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    Student loans debate - fair game for students?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 February 2018 by bigjon

    solution. Stop trying to convince every damn person that they must go to college. There are a lot of really dumb people who go to college. Those dumb people increase the demand for college which lets colleges raise tuition rates because the demand is there. ...

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    Sexiest Nintendo girl?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2017 by Clarion


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    Nintendo Wii U, 3DS Lifetime Sales Predictions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2017 by Mnementh

    Can't find an earlier prediction-thread. Seemingly I haven't posted in this one, but I remember saying WiiU would reach 50M before launch (so a year earlier than this thread). I can't remember ever giving an opinion to 3DS. But my WiiU-prediction deserves some crow. Yummy. Can someone pass me the salt please?...

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    Most Wanted September (Voting)

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 August 2017 by Bisa

    Versus_Evil said: 1. Days Gone [PS4] 2. YIIK: A Post Modern RPG [PS4] 3. The Last of Us Part 2 [PS4] 4. Biomutant [PS4] 5. Vampyr [PS4] Making a change. 1. Kentucky Route Zero - PS4 2. YIIK: A Postmodern RPG - PS4  3. Days Gone - PS4 4. Biomutant - PS4 5. Wasteland 3 - PS4 ...

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    Convince me to get a Vita

    in Sony Discussion on 16 August 2017 by dukerx2

    One of the founders of Vita Island, Greg Miller has given up on Vita. And hes been beating the Vita since the start. It has a good library and im sure you can get one for cheep, just know its a dead handheld. ...

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    Overview of best selling games of 2017 in a number of European countries

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2017 by Ka-pi96

    BraLoD said: Ka-pi96 said: Simple, people can still play games they`ve already bought years later. So that means there`s still a tonne of people that want it that don`t already have it, despite the already huge sales. That`s why it`s surprising :-P San Andreas is still the best selling PS classic on PSN, tho. And that`s surprising too! Crazy how GTA games can keep...

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    Should athletes in any sport be permanently banned for doping?

    in Sports Discussion on 10 August 2017 by Dravenet7

    They should absolutely be permabanned. You disrespect the entire nature of the sport for taking steroids and the like. Yes there is always going to one or two eye rolling exceptions people like to point out to justify everyone being able to do so, but ultimately, in normal circumstances, it is wrong and disgusting....

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    Gear.Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch - Teaser Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 August 2017 by Darwinianevolution

    SegataSanshiro said: It's free on smartphones I think. Looks pretty mediocre. Wow, I didn't even realise it. Will this version be a straight up port with FTP economy, or will they charge up front and include all the content? Anyway, I'm expecting more mobile ports, it suits the console....

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    Documenting my journey with therapy/medication

    in General Discussion on 27 July 2017 by COKTOE

    SegataSanshiro said: You're not alone dude. I have severe anxiety issues. Been in therapy for 7 years now. I take lexipro & Lorazapam. I always had issues with anxiety thanks to my other mental problems and crappy home life but ever since I became a heart patient my anxiety shot up 1000000000000x. I became seriously suicidal. So now it's just something I been slowly getting better at...

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    Do You Accept Evolution as a Fact?

    in General Discussion on 24 July 2017 by WolfpackN64

    Nem said: craighopkins said: Jesus is the Truth the way and the Life. Jesus knocks you just have to open your hearts to him. Too much evil in the world to live without him Well... i really wish i sprouted wings so i could fly and the world would be so much nicer. Yet... it's very unlikely that will happen. What you say though, is the exact reason why religion worked so well....

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    Splatoon 2 Review Thread! MC: 84

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2017 by Kyuu

    TheBlackNaruto said: Whoa.......that was.......well uncalled for geesh. A little hostile there buddy lol. Anyway OT: Not bad at all! Good score. I wrote "boy" and the phone autocorrected..   .. probably....

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    Official Nintendo E3 2017 Thread!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 July 2017 by Captain_Yuri

    Laf8grutWaw said: quick cash [url=http://payday24loans7.com/]loans online[/url] loans with bad credit fast cash Post porn u stupid spambot...

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    Who WON E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2017 by gatito

    sethnintendo said: I wanted to vote for Ouya or Oculus Rift. Did you travel to the future from 2013?...

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    Most Wanted July Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 June 2017 by Medisti

    1. Splatoon 2 (NS) 2. Super Mario Odyssey (NS) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PC) 4. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) 5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NS)...

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    A ton of new Monster Hunter World details (PS4/XB1/PC)

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2017 by Kerotan

    Kyuu said: Kerotan said: That 6.9m seems a bit high and suddenly out of nowhere.  Could they be paying for the video to be advertised thus boosting it's views?   Yeah it's at 7.1m right now.. something fishy is going on here... The number of ratings and comments is too tiny for the view count as well. Maybe Japanese fans are viewing the video without commenting?...

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