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    < BraLoD posted something on leyendax69's wall:

    Yukiko = best gurl

    I didn't what the anime, but on the game is pretty clear, even as you have the full choice on it, that Yukiko is pushed as the partner for the main character.

    1 day ago


    1 day ago

    Bralod my friend, I like you.

    1 day ago

    I also haven't finished the anime, I remember watching a few episodes when it started airing (2011 I think) but stopped because I heard the game was great and they were damn right.

    1 day ago

    Yukiko was the one I kept choosing when possible in the events, though I choose Chie here and there to give it a pace change xD

    1 day ago

    Same here, though it also helps she's the best healer in the game and also deals huge fire damage. She's too useful not to have her on your party. Other than that I always use Yosuke and Chie/Naoto.

    I did one playthrough using Kanji & Teddie as I also like them xD especially Teddie and his puns

    1 day ago

    Yukiko + Teddie is the best combo, two party cures anytime make you only lose if got stuck at stats or instadeath, Teddie ice wasn't the best (still better than Chie's ice by a landslide tho) but Yukiko fire was indeed awesome. I was always switching to keep them all around the same level, but Yukiko was my fav char, would always bring her to the hard battles except if she was too exploitable to the specific boss.

    23 hours ago

    I see what you mean, in my case I just used the mc as an alternative healer when needed, plus Yosuke buffing hit rate/evasion and a little health sometimes. Chie spamming god's hand and gg almost every boss, that strategy was super useful against ameno-sagiri

    Then again I only beat the game on hard and was pretty high level for Izanami (about 70). Hopefully I won't have trouble on very hard or I'll have to use your tactic xD

    22 hours ago

    Yosuke wind is the best thing to clear the dungeons, I noticed wind was harder to get and was a lot of shadows weakeness from most of the dungeons.
    That was my team, Yukiko, Yosuke and Teddie, the MC would be responsible for lightning damage and each of them was good to exploit the other kinds (fire, wind and ice), meanwhile physical exploits were a hard thing, so Chie/Naoto was not as useful as those, and I didn't use nowhere near as much instadeaths as on P3 (light and dark).

    By the way, did you play P3? It's even better than P4, it oozes style, it's so, so, so good. Best part of P4 was the trip to the P3 school, the music, the references, they pretending to get drunk, lol, great stuff. P3 social links are also much more meaningful and one of them specially is SO. MUCH. WIN. By the end of the game if you got rank 10 with it you'll be having one of the funnist stuff ever, lol, it's also all built around references on P1 and P2.

    20 hours ago

    No I haven't but I will soon. Not sure if it can top P4 though but we will see :P I know the ost is cool though as I have listened to it on youtube

    19 hours ago

    What are you doing to your life?
    Go play it right now!

    11 hours ago

    Since we are talking about it, which p3 version should I buy? I recall reading somewhere there's a version of the game where you can't control your entire party.. and there's no way in the hell I'll trust the AI for a turn based rpg.

    The reason I haven't played it yet (add legend of dragoon to that :c sorry) is that I have been saving up for a new pc. You are from S.A as well, so I know you understand everything is expensive here :P

    5 hours ago

    You can't control your party on P3, I think on the PSP version you have some control, but I dunno if it's like P4. I played the FES version, available on PSN, which is the second PS2 version (let's say it's the GOTY edition), and you can't control your party there.
    In the start it may be hard, but you get used to it, as long as you start to understand what they will do, you'll be playing knowing what you can expect to happen almost always, so you can prevent or be prepared to them screwing up.

    Even so, the game is a freaking masterpiece, believe me, P3 was one of the best things I ever played, top 15 material (while P4 is top 50).

    4 hours ago

    < BraLoD posted something on leyendax69's wall:

    Great avatar!

    Thanks mate. VGC needs more yuri ships :^)

    on 09 February 2017

    Eh, I didn't meant it this way, but sure, lol.

    on 09 February 2017

    Heheh I'm jk, just thought the pic was cute :D

    on 09 February 2017

    lol, no need to try to hide it dude xD
    Yukiko and Chie are awesome, and them cosplaying eachother got really nice, that's why I liked it xD

    on 09 February 2017

    Damn it, you got me!!!

    on 09 February 2017

    < uran10 posted something on leyendax69's wall:

    Emilia.... hmm not the choice I would make but its nice to see another re:zero fan on chartz

    I like the show a little, not really a fan. But I like Emilia :) she hasn't had enough screen time and relevance to the story so far though, heck at the end only subaru matters

    on 12 October 2016

    < noomy12 posted something on leyendax69's wall:

    hello my dear

    i am Miss Mss Josetha you, i search for love and long term relationship

    if you are also interested please can you contact me through

    my email address: josethadabah@hotmail.com so that i can send you my pictures

    and tell you more about myself ok, you are welcome.

    Miss Josetha


    on 18 September 2016

    < Versus_Evil posted something on leyendax69's wall:

    Don't mind me, I'm just gonna sit here and stare at my waifu.


    on 12 June 2016

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