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Inflation adjusted these are the Star Wars "sequels" that aren't the original film or don't have a 10+ year time gap to artificially build up hype:

Empire Strikes Back: $1.6 billion
Return of the Jedi: $1.2 billion or $1.477 billion*
Attack of the Clones: $928 million
Revenge of the Sith: $1.1 billion
The Last Jedi: $1.3 billion

*there is some discrepenancy on ROTJ as Boxofficemojo has a lower number than The Numbers, it's unclear who has the correct number so both are listed.

I think since SW movies are no longer a rarity event, $1.3 bill-ish may in fact be the new normal. Even during the OT and prequels you didn't have side movies like Rogue One and Solo in between, it just makes every new Star Wars movie less of an event type of thing.