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xMetroid said:
trunkswd said:

Hardware is about to get a LOT more interesting. At least on the Switch side with the revision boosting sales and the Switch Lite right around the corner. Even from what I am seeing Gears 5 is going to help Xbox One sales a decent amount during its launch week. 

Yea obviously, i was just pointing out why it's more empty than usual during the summer since there is like really dry new info on games and the actual games coming out during that period of time aren't the most exciting usually. And with the hardware being boring during that same period the only thing i personally was interested in was the software sales. But yes, it is about to get better.

Even so you are still right. This “interesting” bit will only last for a week or two, until everything dies down again or a new standard has been set. Then it’s same old same old again.

There’s only so much times you can say;

”Congrats Switch!” or “Wow PS4 is doing so well for it’s age!”

The sales threads basically write themselves. The software threads didn’t really have this problem as something new would be released regularly and results were much less predictable. Which meant much more discussion beforehand, and more afterwards to talk about surprising results, in higher frequency.