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flashfire926 said:
Yes, without a doubt. It will probably get to 3 billion as well.

The real even battle is against TFA for domestic gross, tho.

Not a chance...it's having a very hard and slow time just passing Avatar right now. It just made what, $5.8 million domestically over last weekend down 39% from $8 million the previous. I expect this weekend to make half of $5.8 but if it now holds a steady $3-4 million, then yeah it will at least pass Avatar but no way in hell is it making like another $300 million at this rate.

I think worldwide over the week it went from $2715 to $2733....roughly $20 million increase. It significantly drops each weekend.

I didn't think it was going to top Avatar but I think now it could as long as it holds $3-4 million and around $10 million worldwide. As soon as it falls below $1 million a week it's over.

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