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Well, the other option is to discuss the definition of handheld and hybrid and tablet and then we gonna get that endless war with a bunch of moderation and nobody agreeing and the end of the world. This forum and all the forums in the world have been there. So, since the point is the thing is not handheld because of price, well let's discuss how expensive Nintendo is. It's much more fun :D

Rather expensive over the years? Only physical copies?

Nintendo is expensive. Always expensive. Physical and online. Always. Any generation. I can boot my Wii U and check the online store now and it's gonna be ridiculous. I bet Tokyo Mirage is twice the price of whatever high quality game on PS4. It was a couple of years ago. That's how Nintendo does business.

I wouldn't be surprised if Zelda on Wii U online shop is full price. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if Devil's Third is full price. :D

It's only endless to people who want to cherry pick what it is for the sake of their argument the Switch has always been a hybrid regardless of how you use it he also is not saying it's not handheld because of price he's highlighting how prior handhelds couldn't sell at console price points in their market but Switch is, this points more to the platform also selling to the console market.

Don't you start :(

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When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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