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sethnintendo said:

I can only imagine someone walking by you blinded by the sun with you thinking he gave a death stare. Thus you going home thinking evil thoughts on him.

This is such a true statement.  I have a friend who is also introverted and passive who declares that people don't like him and are giving him these "death stares"— from my friends, who all enjoy his company.  I think partly this is because because he doesn't engage in conversations and situations as much so he is free to watch the room (or area) constantly.  That means you have more opportunities to catch someone in an odd grimace or facial contortion.  Trust me, people make them on accident.  Maybe they have food stuck in their teeth or they're thinking about something.  By engaging people you might find that they never took issue in the first place, but were just lost in thought.

Also, I don't think the stereotypical gamer these days would be considered introverted/passive.  I guess I could be wrong about that, but it's just not the image I have.