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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Dulfite said:

There may not be a lot of video game studios hiring, but there are tons and tons of coding/developer/programmer jobs for businesses out there, front or back end. As long as these people aren't dead set on developing video games specifically, they should have no problem finding work.

Dude have Kids, acepts a job in another parte of the country, spended weeks preparing and moving , starts job, Kids start to school, wife finda a job too, guy after two weeks working days : fuck this job , let me find another, he looks close to his new house, cant find a new One, the closest One is 100 km away , easy lets move on again. ...

Again, tons of jobs, or at least near but I live on the outskirts of a top ten U.S. city population so I could have a different experience than you.