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NightlyPoe said:
RetroGamer94 said:
Absolutely phenomenal movie, they did a master piece of a job assembling that movie into one. For all the laughs, action, time travel stuff, straight up action etc.

Despite my love of the movie I cannot help but feel depressed, like it feels like the end of an era. Chris Evans, RDJ are gonna be near impossible acts to follow.

Also I would have been much more satisfied with Bucky then falcon taking up the reins

Maybe they can pay Chris Evans to take back the mantle.

They do have a confirmed de-aging device now.

Not that I wouldn't love to see more Chris Evans Captain America in future Marvel movies, but he said a while back that he wants to leave acting behind and fully move into the director's chair.  I'm pretty sure that's why they so neatly wrapped up his arc in this film.