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New Attack on Titan today...and Ah yeah, Linked Horizon doing the OP again!

I've been hyped for this arc for a while, only took like 6 years to get here. Glad the first ep was so great...this should be a fun ride.

Still holding onto 10 seasonals right now, not sure if I'll drop anything. We Can't Study is kinda falling a bit though...its not bad but the multi-girl focus is really keeping me from getting excited about any of them in particular. It feels like a "Jack of all trades, master of none", which is something I kinda notice in harems without a clear main girl. Maybe I just need to adjust my expectations...I keep wanting to compare it to Nisekoi given the author, but it's really something else entirely.

Someone told me I'll probably like sensei so I'll keep up with it to see her focus episode at least...if it ever comes.

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