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NightlyPoe said:
Those box office numbers though. It nearly DOUBLED Infinity War's record for opening weekend worldwide and is already the 18th biggest movie ever worldwide with 1.2 billion. The all-time record is Avatar with 2.7 billion. Endgame is already 43% of the way to being the biggest movie ever in this category and it's only been 3 days! It's going to easily shoot past Avatar.

Domestically, it made $350 million, an incredible 35% increase over Infinity War's record, and has already accumulated 37% of The Force Awakens' record domestic total.

In other words, this is a behemoth. It won't get The Force Awakens' Christmas bonus inflating its weekday totals for the first two weeks, but I don't think it'll need it. All it requires is a solid 3x opening weekend multiplier and it'll become the first $1 billion movie domestically.


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