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simek said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Sorry, I don't watch garbage feminist mary sue propaganda. Screw Disney for throwing out the integrity of the franchise.

Movie looks like crap already.

Im sorry i dont care about toxic masculinity and man who cant handle strong females. Get your self a confidence and open your mind. There is a life outside your Man Cave.  Anyway, i like the trailer, more a teaser.  Cant wait.

There is a difference between what's a good witten female strong character and terrible writing all together starring a strong female character. Leya from the original triology, Ridley Scott from Alien, Wonder Woman hell even Scarlet Witch and Black Window are women in film who are pretty much universaly loved by men. Because they are strong female characters. They all developed as characters too, unlike Rey which is a litteral God all the time, without even having any real training (or weaknesses for that matter). 

Leya in Star Wars 8 who got blown up was exposed to over minus 200 degrees and a shit ton of radiation can fly in space using the force while unconsious. That's some serious awful writing just like the fact Rey is pretty much invincible and can take on masters of swordfighting in the fighting scene with Snoke. That's scene was choreographie was also hideous with weapons convieniently dissapearing.

But if you think that everyone who hates star wars 8 is a sexist, by all means. 

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